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Submission + - The IRS Will Fax Your Life to Anyone Who Asks

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently, the IRS is more than happy to fax all your private tax information to anyone who calls up and knows a little bit about you. Identification not required. Really scary with all the identity theft going on. You should have to at least fax in an ID.

Submission + - Free hosting of open and closed source projects (

ButcherCH writes: There is a new software development and hosting platform, called Origo that not only provides free hosting for open source software but also for closed source software. As opposed to Google code it has fewer restrictions on the siz of the releases and supports metalink It also has some neat features like wiki pages, a subversion repository, an issue tracker, a simple interface and various API integrations (Eclipse, Visual Studio and EiffelStudio). It's hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Submission + - A new opensource software development platform (

mburgener writes:

Origo is an opensource software development platform -
use it to host your open- and your closed-source projects! For free of course!

Origo is the one-stop platform for your project needs.
Not only can you use it together with your friends to write code and manage issues,
but you also get a wiki page to document your project and for interacting
with users and to distribute releases. So what are you waiting for?


Submission + - New software development website with API (

Till Bay writes: "We at ETH Zurich have built a Sourceforge-like software development website that has an XML-RPC API. It is open source, but you can host both open and closed source projects for free.
  • Wiki pages with WikiMedia Syntax (public and private pages)
  • Subversion repository with UI
  • Issue tracking
  • Blog, forum, comments, screenshots
  • Simple user management
  • Release management and mirroring
  • XML-RPC API for integrating the platform into other applications
  • Plug-Ins for Eclipse, Visual Studio and EiffelStudio, allowing interaction with the plattform directly from within the IDE
  • free hosting of open- and closed-source projects
Create a user and register projects here:"

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