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Comment Re:Tinnitus Sufferer Here (Score 2) 104

Anecdotal - Daily ear bud user here who has been wearing them for 6-10 hours a day at work. My company has mandatory annual hearing tests. In the ten years I've been with the company, my hearing has not changed significantly*.

A few provisos though..
1. I do not have the volume very high. I can hear and understand people with the music on and could carry a conversation if I had to.
2. I'm a sample size of 1 giving my personal experience without providing supporting evidence.

My belief is that they are safe for extended use if the volume is controlled to normal levels. Of course they can more readily do damage since you're essentially funneling sound directly to your ear drums, just don't crank it.

* - My levels usually fluctuate slightly. Some values go up, some go down and vice-versa the next test.

Comment Do they have a Plan B? (Score 1) 237

The main problem as I see it is that they're years late and 3/4ths of an app-store short. Microsoft came late and they're having a hell of a time making any ground. One could argue that the abundance of .Net developers should have been a boon to their app store but it seems they haven't hit critical mass.

How is Ubuntu planning on overcoming this? They're not seriously considering using their vanilla apt repository as a source, are they? Few of the desktop apps I use would work worth a damn on my phone. Working off of the assumption that they have a plan for designed-for-mobile apps then they will be behind even Microsoft. As someone above mentioned... no OEM deals? So right from the start this will be a very niche OS unless that changes. Mindshare and recognition of their brand... that is going to be a tough one to get past even if they snag some OEM support.

Having competitors to IOS and Android is a good thing. I just can't envision Canonical spending years trying to gain back ground without any appreciable market share (and income from it) while either juggling the desktop or blowing it off altogether. IMO they jumped the shark on this one and it's going to bite them(no pun intended).

Yes, there is a little frustration in my post. Former Ubuntu user.

Comment Re:Lastpass (Score 3, Insightful) 339

I second

IMHO it has by far the most elegant integration between chrome, FF, android browser and IE6 @ work. Changing passwords on a regular basis causes very little heartburn. Tinfoil hats need not apply though as your passwords aren't stored locally and you rely on the company keeping their db secure... For those who can get past that though, it blows kepass out of the water even when sharing the pass file via something like dropbox.

Comment Re:Less choice for us (Score 4, Insightful) 114

While I agree with your point that more choice is better, I have to disagree with your thoughts on the negative press. There have been nothing but negative articles because there's been nothing but negative news coming from RIM. They really are driving themselves into the ground between that nasty outage and lack of response to IOS and Android.

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 4, Insightful) 275

Vita would use NGV memory cards due to size, weight, lack of noise, and other factors..

I'm fairly certain that few people would find a micro-SD card too heavy or too big. Also, I can't recall what noise my micro-SD card makes... anyone?

Every one of those reasons is spurious. Let's just call it what it is. It's Sony being Sony; and that's ok.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 92

All known life on earth is carbon based*. Exoskeletons are made using multiple minerals depending on species and biome but that doesn't imply that we have aragonite-based life forms.

*Theoretical shadow biospheres notwithstanding.

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