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Comment Junk (Score 1) 191

I've got high standards and a big mouth. Is there any way I could participate in focus groups or alpha-testing to tell companies what's wrong with their devices before they launch? I've had most of the flagship phones (one from each manufacturer) and while I love them, I've had serious complaints about each. I don't know who they have doing the testing!

Are there testing programs I could apply to join? I'm not interested in a full time job, but I'm a heavy user and find multiple problems per week when I have a new phone.

Comment Re:"Sexual mistreatment"? (Score 1) 410

And they've just given themselves a big shot in the foot. Jacob now has recourse to say "If these were true, why were the police never notified AS REQUIRED BY LAW?"

It doesn't work that way. You can't use someone else's criminal misconduct in your own defense. It's just not part of the picture. It would only help to make the opposition look slightly less credible.

Comment "Sexual mistreatment"? (Score 4, Insightful) 410

What is "sexual mistreatment"? I can't find any info in the article, or the link within that was purported to contain more information.

Given that this kind of accusation can permanently prevent someone from finding work in their field, I find these articles--lacking details, with no formal legal proceedings--troubling.

Comment Re: Justice is blind and buggy (Score 1) 228

You've got it backwards. Everyone's trying to fuck you everywhere, but in the US you have recourse.

My non-US apartment building wakes me every morning with hammering and drilling. What can I do about it? Fuck all. In the US, I could complain to the landlord, make some recordings, reduce my rent payments, wait for the landlord to sue me, and smile as the judge tells him I'll resume paying full rent when he stops the fucking noise.

(I'm sure it's not actually as peachy as that, but the fact still that I have no recourse at all in my current country.)

Comment Hahaha. Oh, they're serious? (Score 1) 122

My Nexus 4 was the worst phone I've ever had. The phone ran blisteringly hot and was so poorly sealed that it corroded its own power button due to sweat and humidity. 3G would stop working for 30 seconds at a time. It perfectly covered up its own speaker when sitting on a flat surface, so sounds were muted. It was smooth enough to slip off of nearly any surface.

Now the same company that was in charge of the specifications wants to be in charge of everything? Shoot me now!

Comment Re:Courtesy of the Israeli right wing (Score 1) 30

The US is more of a threat to the rest of the world than the middle east.

That's only true because we're keeping the Middle East in check. If the war-loving factions in the Middle East were as competent as the US, the world would be fucked. (That's not to say the US isn't also somewhat war-loving. But the huge redeeming quality is that the US appreciates stability on a global scale.)

Comment Re:Unlocked bootloaders (Score 1) 85

Thanks! I'll check out what Lenovo's flagship phones are next time I want to upgrade. (They seem to occupy the right spot, as a company that's big enough to do things right, but small enough that it can't just ignore what its customers want.)

Unlike Google, who couldn't seem to afford a QA department for their phones.

Comment Evil fighting against evil? (Score 1) 307

Ever since I read about Gawker taking a quote out of context and basically destroying someone's life, it's hard for me to feel sorry for them.

Since when the whole story came to light, Gawker didn't do the responsible thing and discipline Biddle, I conclude they didn't learn anything about responsible journalism. News flash: creating news is explicitly not part of a reporter's job.

Comment Re:Unlocked bootloaders (Score 1) 85

The Nexuses are the closest you will get. The hardware seems to be good these days and they are certainly not bootloader locked. I have a Lenovo for travel that's got all the ports and dual SIM. That was unlockable in the sense that all it took was a google search.

It's a bit immature, but I have a grudge against Google for the Nexus 4. On top of all its design shortcomings, mine had a slightly defective motherboard. I think it must have been "binned" bad but they sold it anyway.

You mean the Lenovo has a SSD slot? I think you've just helped me choose my next phone. Is there any reason one might not want to choose Lenovo? Any way it fails to impress?

Comment Re:Unlocked bootloaders (Score 1) 85

So vote with your wallet and only buy phones with unlocked bootloaders.. On the upside, they are usually cheaper and come with nice options like dual sim.

It's a rotten choice. There's no phone with great hardware AND an unlocked bootloader. (Great hardware means pluggable SD card and battery, and camera and other hardware that doesn't randomly screw up or stop working.)

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