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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Super-fast wireless (

Golygydd Max writes: "Scientists at Georgia Tech claimed to have cracked the problem of how to send large data files, such as video, over wireless. According to a story in Techworld, they have developed a technique that allows them to use the 60GHz range to send such files at 15Gbit/s over a span of one metre. That translates into a download time of less than five seconds for a DVD-quality copy of a typical Hollywood movie."

Feed Science Daily: Gene For Left-handedness Identified (

Scientists have discovered a gene that increases an individual's chances of being left-handed. The research revealed a gene called LRRTM1; the first to be discovered which has an effect on handedness. Although little is known about LRRTM1, it is conceivable that it modifies the development of asymmetry in the human brain.

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