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Submission + - A Texas Cell Phone Bill Would Bar Warrantless Collection of Location Data (vice.com)

pigrabbitbear writes: "The Supreme Court may have approved the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens for just about forever, but the good old state of Texas isn't going to take that lying down. Texas lawmakers don't believe that cell phone location data is fair game for law enforcement, and a couple identical bills filed in Texas's House and Senate would provide sweeping protections for private cell users."

Submission + - Why You Should Not Bring Your Laptop To Canada (vice.com)

pigrabbitbear writes: "I didn’t know the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund existed until I read about a 27-year-old software engineer named Ryan Matheson. He was traveling to Canada for the first time, a couple years ago, when he was randomly stopped by Customs officials at the border.

“Since both my friend and I are geeks and programmers, I brought some of my electronics, including my laptop computer. There was nothing bad or illegal on my computer. Through the customs and immigration process, I was immediately picked out and searched by a pair of customs officers. I knew I didn’t have anything to hide, so I willingly gave them my password to log in to my computer. Through an unusual search that lasted over four hours, they found anime illustrations from art books and other fully-clothed drawings of fictional anime and manga characters on my computer. Unfortunately, Canadian customs officers consider any comic or anime-style drawing suspicious.”"

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