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Submission + - A Texas Cell Phone Bill Would Bar Warrantless Collection of Location Data (

pigrabbitbear writes: "The Supreme Court may have approved the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens for just about forever, but the good old state of Texas isn't going to take that lying down. Texas lawmakers don't believe that cell phone location data is fair game for law enforcement, and a couple identical bills filed in Texas's House and Senate would provide sweeping protections for private cell users."

Submission + - Uploading Copyrighted Material in Japan Means Up to 10 Years in Jail (

pigrabbitbear writes: "According to a new Japanese law that takes effect today, anyone who pirates music or films can be handed up to a two-year jail sentence and fines of up to 2 million yen (~$25,700). But it’s uploaders of illegal content that are getting the harshest treatment; under the law, those who make copyrighted works available can be sentenced to up to ten years in jail and given fines of up to 10 million yen."

Submission + - Why Google Is Entering the Drug War (

pigrabbitbear writes: "The company that long ago vowed to not be evil is now confronting it head on. Late yesterday Google added to its already deep portfolio of governmental-like projects a new initiative geared towards combatting violent illicit networks like drug cartels, organ harvesters, arms dealers and human traffickers. It’s not like Google is creating its own international police force or something, however Robocop that would be. Instead, the search giant is partnering with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tribeca Film Festival to convene a summit called “Illicit Networks: Forces in Opposition” in Los Angeles this week to talk over the issues. The objective, Google says, is “to discover ways that technology can be used to expose and disrupt these networks as a whole — and to put some of these ideas into practice.”"

Submission + - Google Wants Thought Leaders to Legalize Gay Love (

pigrabbitbear writes: "There goes Google, doing no evil again. Over the weekend, word burbled up that the tech giant was launching ‘Legalize Love,’ a campaign to fight for marriage equality around the world. That’s not quite the case; the news turned out to be the result of some over-optimistic blogging from But Google is indeed beginning an international effort to combat workplace discrimination against gays in each of the countries it has offices in, starting with Singapore and Poland."

Submission + - Apple Gets the Galaxy Nexus Banned in the US, Android Lovers Cringe (

pigrabbitbear writes: Last Friday, Apple was granted a preliminary injunction on US sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, a decision Samsung quickly appealed Sunday night arguing that Apple had “legally insufficient evidence” that they had been harmed. The temporary ban of the newest Android smartphone is the latest development of a never ending patent war that dates back to 2011 when Apple fired the first shot, filing a lawsuit against HTC for allegedly infringing on 20 patents relating to “user interface and the smartphone’s underlying architecture and hardware.”

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