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Comment Re:Easy to crack? (Score 1) 259

Steganography is the right tool for obscuring the use of cryptography, if applied correctly. If not–by using a weak algorithm, none at all or well known kitten images–it can be detected easily, of course. Just collect the low bits and apply natural language statistics or some basic cryptoanalysis.

Probably the NSA can in fact break any cipher. Why else would they employ so many brilliant mathematicians?
If I were an agency, I would prefer the easy route and make myself comfortable inside everyones keyboards.

Comment Terminals with graphical capabilities... (Score 3, Insightful) 114

...have existed for a long time. For example the DEC dxterm supports escape sequences for drawing line, box, circle and oval primitives.
Nonetheless I am really impressed by this newfangled Enlightenment thingy. Image previews in file listings are useful. Also horizontal and vertical splitting.

Comment LiMux documentation on Youtube (Score 2) 219

As a munich resident i follow news coverage of the LiMux project from the beginning. About two years ago there was a documentation on TV (in german): LiMux - Freie Software für München
I am not sure, but I think, that guy with pink hair is a Debian maintainer. Probably, such projects succeed or fail with the competence of a few individuals, if they get the required backing. Also this weekend, a Debian bug squashing party is held in Munich.

Comment Re:My daughter suffered a TBI (Score 1) 1651

Helmets simply are not capable of preventing the brain from impacting the inside of the skull as a result of rapid deceleration.

Really? Isn't the purpose of styrofoam the prolongation of the deceleration phase?
Have you ever knocked over a hard disk standing on a stone floor? Or on a desk? On a carpet?

Comment Re:No helmet (Score 1) 1651

Your best friend died in a tragic accident with a truck. Wearing a helmet *might* have prevented a deadly injury. Oftentimes children look anywhere but forward, especially when learning to ride a bike, therefore it is a good idea to put a helmet on them. But always remember: Helmets do not prevent accidents, they sometimes alleviate the consequences.

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