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Submission + - Microsoft Evangelist Promises Windows Phones For t (

Roman Grazhdan writes: Ben Rudolph, a Microsoft evangelist, tries to launch 'Get The Facts 2.0', viral and involving social networks, and this time Android is the target. Five Windows phones are to be raffled off among the authors of anti-Android tweets. It's quite a smart move, #droidrage storm is rising on Twitter, and Android fans will not even be able to strike back: much less people have seen Windows Phone, not to mention being outraged by it.

Submission + - Anti-Piracy Ad Caught Using Pirated Music (

addam666 writes: "You wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal a handbag...

We all know how the rest goes, because thanks to the Motion Picture Association Of America and their foreign associates, every time you hire a DVD, you have to sit through this ad before you get to the main menu. But in what must be the most delicious slice of irony served this year, it has just been discovered that that the music used to soundtrack this 50-second pain in the ass is actually stolen."

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