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Journal Journal: I sit here, listening to slacker- Natalie Cole before.......

retiring for the evening and I am appreciative of those who still respect and lovingly understand me. My life is a little more peaceful now, and for that I am grateful. I am glad for those who stood by my side and hence, I am also glad I weeded out my "not" friends. I see now that I wasted love and energy unknowingly thinking they were my friends. I am grateful for those who still respect and show me their love. Thank you as it means the world to me, sincerely, from all of my heart.
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Journal Journal: THE BASTARDS "refused" to let me post to Jeremiah's climate. 1

of fear as my "RED SCARE"- my strawberry blonde hair story. I never used hair dyes as I could never regain my natural color. As a 52 year-old, I am now a real fear as I do not put up with anyone's B. S. My natural blonde streak got me into lots of trouble in my youngen days- good decent, honest trouble. Never deceptive. I hate dishonest people. How about you?
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Journal Journal: I am listening to Slacker Radio- Natalie Cole Radio and.....

am thinking of two special men in my life. Love is grand. I also am thinking of my first love- a sophisticated gentleman who sips wine, not to mention my computer lover. My computer lover introduced me to Miami sands and a pair of lost shoes while we walked along the beach arm in arm, a thief stole my shoes which we took off and left laying on the beach. Beautiful patent leather from Wanamakers- in the day of luxurious lovers! P. S. I went to the casino via bus yesterday and hit the lottery. Shopping sprees abound.
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Journal SPAM: The Commodores will be in Atlantic City on..................

February 15 and 16 and it should be a marvelous show: "BRICK HOUSE", etc. A special hostess got me comp tickets and I space my visits there but still love the shore and the action. It will always be my favorite get away and that is why a slot angel or two blessed me on 7-7-07. I did not overextend too much and have retirement money, thank God. They must have been female and a few male slot angels flying above me. Hubby did not want to go and I caught the bus solo as 777 is my lucky number, as is 666 since I have a little "devil" in my soul. Since I won, everybody is offering me comp rooms, but I am wiser since 7-7-07 and take a more conservative approach. The Donald has "THE" best strawberries and whipped cream, lump crabmeat and shrimp cocktail. The "BOAT" has the most savory lamb chops. I spend a lot of time relaxing in my room and savor a few cups of the adjacent Starbucks Coffee Shop lattes. This does not mean that I ignore the slots, I am just more balanced and fewer and further between- balanced and healthier. I place the order for me and hubby and give a generous tip as working people need more money than slot machines. I will never forget my blackjack tournament at The Sands when I (EYE) was THE ONLY FEMALE in the finals. My host J. was proud to come and get me and take me to that finals blackjack table. I only ever played blackjack prior to that tourney THREE times and I taught myself. I never knew what the Hell a double down was but I learned it after just three times. I wore my sexy black camisole and a beautiful bling-bling blazer and full length black social occasions skirt. (Yes, plus-size women look great in black camisoles and black bras.) My gold shimmered as much as my smile because I felt that I was representing every woman in Atlantic City. In a way, I was. The moral of this story is: ladies should teach themselves to moderately gamble as a day out. Everything in moderation unless you can afford otherwise. And finally, if you do win, make sure that the first call you make on your consortium cell phone is to your husband, as I did. Do this and perhaps one day your soul mate will write a book about you, as is mine. In all honesty, that is NOT a job for anyone's Mother-In-Law- especially if they are anti-gambling.
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Journal Journal: To those of you who do not know me:.........................

My "B"friend is my "best friend"- one who honestly answered no when I was anticipating a yes. Sexual preference never mattered to me- I am for freedom of sexual preference as long as one is honest- especially, especially honest to those we love. I once had a "B"friend- gorgeous with long blonde hair and what turned out to be a fake friendship. She died her hair brunette and was no friend because she chose those of her own religion over my Catholic honesty. Hence, she was no "B"friend and I was no "B"friend to her when she asked if I liked her as a brunette, I answered "yes" (a lie)- as she really looked like a brown mouse and I was not honest enough to tell her she looked exquisite as a blonde. She never called and could care if I dropped dead- and never cared enough to even call and ask how I was doing after my manic bipolar episode. She was no "B"friend. Even when I was at the height of my sickest ever, I made rotary confessions to those I hurt. So I was a "B"friend even to my so-called enemies, except the hideous bastard who hacked my computer and heightened my paranoia. I will never forgive that stalker and I hope a female GOD judges him when he meets his evil destiny. Yes, GOD is female in my thinking. I hope she punishes his evil-doing and sends him straight to a hideous destiny. My "B"friend is gay and I only hope this special person gets out of the closet and the unhappy marriage they are in. I hope they find a happy destiny and get the perfect sexual mate of their choosing who is willing to give a lifetime commitment of love as this person deserves a truly loving partner who will always give love. And yes, I believe in a fantasy world- for it encourages open-minded thinking- a form of liberalism which encourages freedom of speech and thought and freedom of love. In a world of disease, we must be careful who we love and to always be honest to those we love because we could put their lives in medical danger. This is not and never again will be the seventies and condoms break! And I do occasionally post as "DUNKINCORNY" in a fantasy form of writing. It is good for my soul. I "DO TAKE MY MEDS" so no crude comments need to be made against the mentally ill. If you never experienced any mental illness, you have NO RIGHT to judge anyone. NO RIGHT! I will check in periodically with my friends here to see your writings as I do have friends I respect here. I pray all of you are healthy and that you have honest "B"friends- no matter what their sexual preference is- as long as they are loving and caring for a lifetime of commitment. SO BE IT!
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Journal Journal: I sip my coffee, look at my husband's paystub and ..........

smile. I am sincerely grateful for the little joys in life like eating pizza or sipping egg drop soup on a cold winter night while having someone sitting next to me while our dog is nestled by my feet in granny's blanket, given to me in my college days of the seventies. The blankie still survives as does the love my mother taught me. Little Noodles also loves to lay solemnly under our living room dinette. He recently fell off the top of his chair by the window and bruised his ribs but did not fracture any bones. My puppy only has three legs and he was yelping in pain for two days but appears to be moving better after a lot of rest. God forbid anything happen to him. He is our world and helped me live through a time of despair and kept me alive while my husband was at work and could not be by my side. Noodles kept me alive. I owe my dog my life. He saved my life when doctors failed me. He saved my life when doctors failed me. Remember that the next time your doctor asks for payment. Go to a humane shelter or Petsmart and adopt a medopet. It could save your life one day! God bless Noodles and my husband and me. God bless all of you!

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