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Comment Happens with Adblock Plus too (Score 1) 403

I've gotten this ad twice in the last two days, using Firefox with Adblock Plus and pop-up blocking. This is the line in the article that was responsible the second time:

<div id="adxBigAd" class="columnGroup"><!-- ADXINFO classification="bigad" campaign="Vonage01_1163613_nyt12"--><iframe src="" width="300" height="250" scrolling="no" hspace="0" frameborder="0"></iframe></div></code>

That loads a page from, which loads a javascript file from which uses a JavaScript redirect to That page sets a cookie and does an HTTP 302 redirect to protection-check07. (Last time it was

Apparently Adblock isn't blocking the particular iframe that's responsible. I have the particular files I received in this series of redirects, if anyone is interested. I got all this information using the HttpFox plugin.

Comment Re:typo in summary (Score 1, Funny) 575

Who is this Noone fellow?

I wish I had mod points. The parent's post is pretty well on topic. My first reaction to the grandparent's post was that "Noone" was an intentional typo, since it was replying to a post about a typo. Now I'm not so sure.

OK, now I'm replying to a post about a typo that was in another post about a typo. I hope my post doesn't have any typos...

Comment Re:Jesus H. Christ's squeezable bacon! (Score 1) 1240

From the article, it sounded like the girl was asked to remove her own clothing, while two female teachers looked for the drugs. In any case, strip searching a kid over ibuprofen is inexcusable. If they suspected her of carrying something else like meth, they should have just called the police and taken her to the principle's office and kept an eye on her in the meantime. But ibuprofen? If it's violating school policy, tell her so and maybe give her detention, but other than that, just let her go.

Vim 7.2 Released 106

sanguisdex writes "After fifteen months of work: a brand new Vim release! This is a stable version. There are many bug fixes and updated runtime files. The only new feature worth mentioning is support for floating point. Upgrading from a previous version is highly recommended: a few crashing bugs and several security issues were fixed. For the details see the announcement or go directly to the download page."

Doctorow On Copyright Reform & Culture 243

super-papa sends us to Locus Magazine for an article by Cory Doctorow discussing the conflicts between copyright law and modern culture, and arguing against the perception that copying media is still unusual. Quoting: "Copyright law valorizes copying as a rare and noteworthy event. On the Internet, copying is automatic, massive, instantaneous, free, and constant. Clip a Dilbert cartoon and stick it on your office door and you're not violating copyright. Take a picture of your office door and put it on your homepage so that the same co-workers can see it, and you've violated copyright law, and since copyright law treats copying as such a rarified activity, it assesses penalties that run to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each act of infringement. There's a word for all the stuff we do with creative works — all the conversing, retelling, singing, acting out, drawing, and thinking: we call it culture."
United States

Discuss the US Presidential Election 1912

We made it. It's election day. Tomorrow we'll know. So for today's election discussion story, I'm throwing it wide open: let's discuss the election itself. Who are your picks and why. And also what about your actual experience voting today? Did Diebold eat your vote or did everything go off without flaw?

Comment TV dinners (Score 2, Funny) 648

The housewife simply determines in advance her menus for the week, then slips prepackaged meals into the freezer and lets the automatic food utility do the rest.
We have those -- they're called microwaveable TV dinners, and they taste terrible. The future isn't all it was cracked up to be.

Submission + - Linus calls GNOME "limiting"

lisah writes: "The flame wars between Linus Torvalds and the GNOME community continue to burn. Responding to Torvalds' recent claim that GNOME 'seems to be developed by interface Nazis' and that its developers believe their 'users are idiots,' a member of the Linux Foundation's Desktop Architects mailing list suggested that Torvalds use GNOME for a month before making such pronouncements. Torvalds, never one to back down from a challenge, simply turned around and submitted patches to GNOME and then told the list, '...let's see what happens to my patches. I guarantee you that they actually improve the code.' After lobbing that over the fence, Torvalds concluded his comments by saying, 'Now the question is, will people take the patches, or will they keep their heads up their arses and claim that configurability is bad, even when it makes things more logical, and code more readable.'"

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