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Comment Re:And... so what? (Score 2, Informative) 140

Rather than repeat myself, see my post here:

Effectively it's a non-story, hyped up into a story by typical The Register anti-Google trolling.

I don't like a lot of things Google does, particularly Schmidt's "done nothing wrong, got nothing to hide" style comments, but really, non-stories like this are just utterly stupid and as they're part of The Register's agenda based bullshit wagon, don't even deserve to be entertained.

Comment I tried to buy it, but... (Score 1) 164

Target had none.
Kmart had none.
Walmart had none.
Blockbuster had boxes on the "Buy this stuff" shelf. I picked one up, went to the counter, and told the clerk I'd like to buy it. She looked behind the counter for a while, then went to the back. Returning, she placed the empty box back on the "Buy this stuff" shelf and said "Sorry, we don't have any of these."

Lack of immediate gratification seriously made me consider dusting off my pegleg and eyepatch.

Comment Re:I don't think anybody should pirate anything (Score 1) 214

I distinctly remember EA being sued a while ago for copyright infringement.
They used a piece of music in their games without permission from the composer

And I remember a composer being successfully sued a while ago for accidentally using a piece of music by another composer. Is there any surefire way for a composer to avoid this?

Comment If you really want to reminisce, (Score 1) 252

check out this Slashdot story about Phoenix 0.2:

I remember Mozilla and its slowness and seemingly hundreds of configuration options that I didn't care about. It was like they were trying to fit every possible feature into the software. Then I tried Phoenix and it was so much more pleasant to use, even at that young stage. I'm happy to see Firefox has survived this long and remains, for the most part, as great to use now as those early days.

Comment Re:43 healthy children? Or 43 total children? (Score 1) 579

Leaving aside your feat of statistical legerdemain, my understanding is that about 50% of H1N1 heaths so far have been otherwise healthy children and young adults. As in, up to 35 years old.

It may not be the Spanish Flu, but it's certainly something to be concerned about, though perhaps not scared. I might also point out that the Spanish flue wasn't a pandemic either - in 1917. It eased off at first and then came back with a vengeance in 1918.

Comment Re:I was just wondering... (Score 2, Informative) 188

There are already a few available continuous blood glucose meters available and last time I checked at least a few of them were approved by the FDA (thus covered by medical insurance in the USA).

Being a type 1 diabetic myself, I have fought to get one of these myself but the powers-that-be here in Norway seem to think there are no advantages to having your blood glucose measured every 1-2 to 5 minutes for 3-7 days (depending on which monitor you get), at least not compared to the price of these gadgets. Pretty insanely ignorant, as having this info available would let me easily have perfect blood glucose levels at all times. Hell, some of these meters even come with an optional automatic insulin pump!

Comment Dunno, I'm no Apple fan, but they look alike to me (Score -1) 425

In Australia when plaintiff makes a false claim against another person they are legally permitted to sue the plaintiff under our woeful deformation laws. Given the obvious difference between the two logo's there is no way for Apple to win this so at the very least Apple will have to pay for Woolworths legal costs as well as their own (Apple loses).

Comment User education. (Score 1) 336

User education. It won't go away, you always need to do it, and for most users, you have to do it multiple times. Proximity systems may help, but...

For the record, on a winders machine, window-L. Two keystrokes, you're done. Well, mostly, but that'll keep most people out.

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