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Comment Re: But not climate change research (Score 1) 79

How the hell do you reproduce a climate study anyway? Where are the controls?

John Christy has been doing that for over 30 years. For example, he wanted to know if the temperature record was accurate or not. So he developed a secondary way to measure temperature (with satellites). That is one example for you to get the feel, he's done the same thing in other areas of climate science.

Comment Re:It's not just a cost issue. (Score 1) 180

In every business scenario I've dealt with, it is simply impossible to protect against every threat and every zero-day exploit that comes down the pipe

A lot of the exploits we've seen haven't been zero-days or complex attacks. They've been low-hanging fruit that would never be left open by an admin like you.

Comment Getting ready? (Score 1) 113

The first time I heard this story was in 1995 or so. I'm sure we've heard it for longer than that. Apple was getting ready to take on the living room, fighting with Microsoft. We heard it again, over and over (the fight for the living room between Wii/Xbox/Playstation).

At the end of the day, no one is going to want ads on their thermostat.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 1) 120

I'll just assume you know a developer who disagrees with that statement, who thinks, "every project has a bug list that grows and grows."

Here are some resources to help your friend:
Jim Shore talks about how to manage the process aspects.
Kate Thompson talks about changes developers can make to get no bugs
And if you prefer blogs, there are blogs

Your friend needs to get his dev skills up to date.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 381

I get the nonsense that I'll be throwing my vote away but its insane to vote for someone you don't want.

Whenever I get that, I figure out what party the person belongs to. Then, if they're democrat, I say, "You're right. If I didn't vote third-party, I would vote for Trump." If they're Republican, then I say, "You're right. If I didn't vote third-party, I would vote for Hillary." Confuses the hell out of them.

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