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Submission + - Current Windows Phone: No Upgrade To Apollo (

phands writes: "Earlier today, a developer evangelist for Microsoft was quoted as saying that all Windows Phone devices would get an upgrade to the "next major version" of the operating system. Now, a trusted source close to Microsoft tells us that is absolutely not the case, that instead there will be no upgrade path from Mango to Apollo. This matches up with a previous report from Mary Jo Foley and explains the particular language Microsoft used when it responded to the story earlier today, saying "We have stated publicly that all apps in our Marketplace today will run on the next version of Windows Phone. Beyond that, we have nothing to share about future releases."

The news that Mango phones won't be getting an update to Windows Phone Apollo doesn't bode well for everybody who just purchased a Nokia Lumia 900, to say nothing of the other phones that Microsoft and its partners have managed to sell. If there is a silver lining to be found in the dark cloud besides future app compatibility, it's that this major break could mean that Apollo will contain some major feature improvements over Windows Phone 7."

Submission + - Iranian coder faces execution 'for building smut w (

phands writes: "The Register is running a story from Amnesty International about the case of Saeed Malekpour, whose only crime was to write photo uploading software that was later used by pornographic websites without his permission. Malekpour, who has permanent residence status in Canada, has been in prison since he was arrested in October 2008 during a visit to see his terminally ill father. He is facing a death sentence.

If as many organisations as possible make this travesty public, there may be a chance to save a life."


Submission + - Windows Phone 7 using "excessive" data (

phands writes: A few users are complaining that Windows Phone 7 is eating data plans alive. One user estimates IDLE data usage at 3 — 5 Mb per hour. Not good for a phone which seems to be struggling against Android and iPhone.

Submission + - Microsft Kin phone sales look to be 500 units. (

phands writes: It looks like sales of Microsoft's Kin phone have failed totally — a maximum of 500 units have gone off the shelves, according to This is somewhat corroborated by Amazon's US sales ranking, where Kin comes in at #30, but with the price discounted from $349.99 to $0.01. Yes, that's 1 cent.! Amazon's page is here...... How VERY embarrassing — reduced by 100%..... >> Microsoft KIN ONE Windows Phone (Verizon Wireless) by Microsoft 5.0 out of 5 stars (1 customer review) In Stock List Price: $349.99 Price: $0.01 You Save: $349.98 (100%) Of course, this could be an error on Amazon's part, but.........

Submission + - Steorn "relaunching" perpetual motion machine (

phands writes: The fine engineers at Steorn are pushing their Orbo "Over Unity" perpetual motion scam again. This time there are public demonstrations. I can't wait — in fact, as I'm very close to where they are demonstrating this, I will drop in and have an awestricken gander.

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