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Comment Re:What OS? (Score 5, Informative) 181

Seconded. Diebold (specifically, Opteva line) run plain old Windows XP. Some of them run Win XP Embedded. All of the "peripherals" in this case such as the cash dispenser, card reader, depositor if equipped, etc are just USB devices. The computer is NOT in the vault portion of the ATM, so if you can get into the flimsy door, you can get access to the computer.

If you know the passwords (they are surprisingly easy ... or just use Hiren's to blank them out) you can get into the OS itself.

I'm not sure why Diebold picked Windows, I would have preferred Linux of course, or perhaps back in the old days when the ATM wasn't a general purpose computer - it was a board with discrete circuitry and firmware. Everything to the network may be 3DES encrypted, but since it's Windows just get yourself a piece of malware on there and capture everything. Come back, retrieve the data, make yourself some cards, PROFIT. Of course, this required physical access.

The older model ATMs (like the Cashsource Plus 200/400) still run eComstation (OS/2) and can connect via modem (really just serial) or TCP.

NOT posting anonymously either. It's not like it's some big secret. If they secured their stuff, they wouldn't have to worry about it.


Comment Re:Should have had these waiting on the shelf (Score 1) 565

These domes must be custom fit to the leak, depth, and seabed hardness. It may look crude but it has many important engineering points. Also, they are so large that it is impractical to move it by any method other than shipping. Shipping between coastlines takes longer than building it on-site like they are doing. Also because of the size and shape, it is very difficult to keep them off-dock because they are not functional for over-the-road delivery. Permanent on-dock space is expensive (I work for a port company).

So they would have to keep multiple sizes on each multiple coastlines on-dock to cover a failsafe (blowout valve) that has never failed. I don't think they deserve the criticism you're giving them for not predicting such a extremely unlikely scenario and planning around it.

Comment Re:From my mail server... (Score 1) 543

It has only been in the past 6 months that I've thought about replacing it. It just can't handle the load of spam I get, plus spamassassin and a couple other anti-spam counter-measures. Each message takes about 5 seconds to process on this old iron

Try to replace SpamAssassin (written in Perl) with Bogofilter (written in C). You'll have to retrain the filter, but improvements in memory usage and speed are assured.

Comment STILL not evil ? (Score 1) 237

for 2 times in the discussions in articles describing of apple ill will, im asking this question to apple fans. in turn, they are modding me down like madmen, and then proceeding to defend the wrongdoing, ill will of apple for days.

a particular one has been trying to justify a private corporation sending private people (not even p.i.s) to a citizen's door and asking the citizen permission to search his/her home. imagine you wake up a morning, some people in front of your door, neither police, nor private investigators, asking you permission to search your home and go through your belongings. the guy has been trying to justify that.

so im asking again - how much ill intent will it take on apple's side for you to realize that this going is no good ?

Comment Re:4th Amendment (Score 1) 173

My email and safe deposit box are held by third parties, each of which has the ability to look inside.

One of the differences here is that the government argued that the email is protected on a third party server under the stored communications act until you read it after which it becomes third party data subject to fewer protections. That in itself should be a big warning sign to anybody relying on third party servers to hold anything except unread email (and I would argue not even that).

If you care about your email privacy, host it on your own hardware and assume it is a postcard instead of a letter in an envelope.

Comment Re:Kind Of Vague (Score 1) 547

Thank you for your encouragement.

I wont whine anymore like the other poster mentioned.

Its bad everywhere. I blew $10,000 moving to Alaska from California where everyone there was hurting because the economy is better here.

I can stretch my loans but they will not be federally protected and have prepayment penalties and double digit interest rates which are BS. I would then be paying hundreds of thousands in interest and can not pay more to get ahead when times get better. I am surprised this is legal. A decade from now I will have to be worrying about my kids college debt and I should not be concerned with mine.

My point was that many people do not realize how good they have it at work. I do have a problem with people who are not productive since many like myself want these jobs to support ourselves. The GP has a right to quit his former job but it seems reasonable to expect his former employer to want solid ROI and be upset if he quit without advanced notice. Even in America this kind of environment should be expected regardless of education. In a global workforce many are ready to jump and should be given a chance if they can work harder.

"The best way to appreciate a job is to go without one" -Oscar Wilde

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