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Journal Journal: Designing a Business App UI as good as a game

I'm frustrated. Why can't business apps be designed to have GUI's that are as slick and clean as a game? One issue to overcome is the screen real estate taken up by graphics and chrome. Also, business apps design should include a configuration management tool; hand editing web.config files should be in the past.
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Journal Journal: Verifiable eVoting

It's surprising that the quality and security of the eVoting machines is still so poor that after 4 or even 8 years it still makes headline news.

  • Verifiable voting record (paper trail)
  • Voter Receipt (with serial number?)
  • Physical security no worse than old paper ink or punch ballots

A lot of the problems seem to be around setup and configurations. Is someone keeping a list of voting machine problems (as a base for a comprehensive requirements list). Then there is the topic of verifiable voting over the internet. How do you authenticate a voter? Credit card? Passport number? Pre-authorized internet voting id/pin from the registrar? Maybe treat this like a credit card - a voter id card - and send plastic.

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