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Comment Re:Hope they get fined big for this (Score 1) 311

The chip machines shift the liability to whoever is least secure - if your bank still gave you a swipe card and the retailer can take chip, the liability shifts to the bank

What i've always wondered is what happens if a criminal clones a chip card onto a magstripe only card.

Is there some mechanism to warn the merchant in this case or does the merchant get screwed for doing a magstripe transaction on a clone of a chipped card?

Comment Re:big caveat not mentioned (Score 1) 205

that normally implies something has been arbitrarily disabled.

Linux distros on the Pi have their issues, lack of a fully functional and properly integrated 3D graphics driver being the big one. Anholt is working on one but my understanding is that it's still very much in beta. This limits the ability to use the latest fancy desktops but classic desktops like LXDE, XFCE and Mate work fine.

OTOH Windows on the Pi will only run a single app at a time and that app has to be a "universal windows app" rather than a regular desktop app.

Prior to the Pi MS had a version of windows with a working desktop on other ARM hardware but they refused to allow third party Desktop apps to run. This was clearly an arbitary limitation. I belive that the limitations of windows on the Pi are equally artificial.

Comment Re:Missed a step... (Score 1) 181

Most motherboards (both desktop and laptop) have multiple modes for the disk controller.

"Legacy" mode emulates something similar enough to IDE for old operating systems (think winxp) to boot without additional drivers.
"AHCI" mode uses the AHCI standard to communicate with the OS. Older operating systems had trouble with this but all recent ones support it out ot the box.
"RAID" mode enables the use of the fakeraid support in the bios and requires a specific driver.

Note that being in "RAID" mode doesn't nessacerally mean you actually have a raid array.

My understanding of the issue here is that the controller is stuck in "RAID" mode and linux doesn't have a driver for that particular controller in "RAID" mode.

Comment Re:Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

"freedom of movement" != "absense of border controls".

The UK has never been part of the Schengen area but thanks to EU freedom of movement rules an EU citizen can show their passport or ID card at UK border control and except in highly exceptional circumstances* they must be let through. They can stay as long as they like and they can take a job in the UK without any additional formalities beyond what a UK citizen would need.

Contrast this to say an american. If they want to visit the UK they must convince the border officer they are a genuine visitor who intends to leave on time (6 months is the normal limit for a standard visitor) and doesn't intend to work illegally. If they want to work in the UK their prospective employer must go through the long process of getting them a visa. If they want to retire in the UK they must demonstrate an income of at least £25K per year without working and a "close connection" with the UK.

* Very serious crimes mainly.

Comment Re:I'm so glad (Score 1) 117

The real kicker with andriod is the google apps. Maps, Play store, Gmail, Hangouts, Chrome etc. If a phone/table vendor wants those then they have to submit to google's UI rules.

Some vendors have tried to replace the google apps with others (for example the "fire" series from Amazon) but afaict said vendors have seen pretty limited success.

Comment Re:Did they figure out what caused the explosion y (Score 1) 239

mmm, afaict there is only one somewhat decent public video of the event and it goes from normal on one frame to a substantial explosion on the next and the insiders aren't talking.

Scott Manly took a look at the video frame by frame . It's clear that whatever happened started in the second stage, potentially in the vicinity of the fueling connection.

Also interesting is that the payload seemed to remain attatched to the tower and largely intact for some time after the explosion. This suggests that had it been a dragon 2 with a launch abort system on the top of the stack the incident may have been survivable.

Comment Re:100% EU access or your money back! (Score 1) 315

I mean, you hear PM May say in the same week that there will be strong immigration controls, but also no border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland. WTF? The only way I can put those two together is by handing Northern Ireland over to independence within the EU or as a part of Ireland...

Border checks within a country are not unheard of. For example Spain has border checks between the mainland and the north-african exclaves.

They could also have a system where EU citizens could visit freely but were not allowed to claim any benefits and needed permits to work.

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