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Comment Re:Social networks (Score -1) 295

ok, so lets try a simpler word... how do you pronounce "mom"?

now ask someone in the midwest, now ask someone on the west coast, now ask someone on the east coast. now enjoy the fight.

stop being so pretentious that you think language is fixed and not an evolution of multiple dialects.

Comment Re:Effects are rather... odd (Score 1) 342

So I started thinking "HD Failing" (it is an original PS3 after all). Figured I'd have it format the drive then reinstall and repatch my games. Nearly a 5 hour time estimate. Take a nap, wake up, see this.... "oh god damnit."

AKA the "it just works" console gaming experience? Or are you running a PS3 emulator on a windows PC? I haven't had/heard that kind of agony in gaming since trying to get Wing Commander working by editing config.sys lines back in 1991-ish.

I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely curious, since your experience is supposed to be unpossible on a console.

Comment I heard... (Score 2, Insightful) 791

Ok, there's alot of sentiment that EM radiation has no effect on DNA, etc etc. But I had read somewhere that people that live near power lines out in the country seem to develop extremely rare forms of cancer at a higher percentage than people living in the city. Of course, coincidence is not causation.

With that in mind, do I exclusively use a cell phone? Yes. I just don't know if I'd want to live next to a tower that might focus EM radiation right at my room while I sleep 8 hours a day.

Comment Re:Timeline (Score 1) 578

I, too, have experienced highly accurate dreams about future events that I could not possibly have known about (much less predicted down to the day weeks in advance). Time is definitely *not* linear. Anyone who says otherwise is either narrow-minded or hasn't ventured out very far into the real world. Or maybe most people don't experience these things and we're just weird. Hard to say.

Comment Re:Large sector size good? (Score 3, Informative) 165

IBM's GPFS is one, though it ain't free it does support Linux and Windows both mounting the same file system at the same time. They reckon the optimum block size for the file system is 1MB. I am not convinced of that myself, but always give my GPFS file systems 1MB block sizes.

Then there is XFS that for small files will put the data in with the metadata to save space. However unless you have millions of files forget about it. With modern drive sizes the loss of space is not important. If you have millions of files stop using the file system as a database.

Comment Nothing bothered me this much since... (Score 1) 631

midicolorians! ... and it's not because I feel the crushing defeat of never again being able to pirate an Ubisoft title. Because lets face it, the protection will either be patched out OR an auth emulator will be written. Then it's left to Ubisofts pointy haired bosses to try to scheme something even more sinister to visit upon their paying customers.

Comment wait (Score 3, Funny) 165

"It was the most evil of evil Rick Roll scripts too -- worse than any that anyone has used to get me in the past."

correct me if i'm wrong, but rickrolling implies its just rick astley singing about how he won't let you down, right?

so what the heck is he referring to in the quote above? did they distribute 1080p video of ballmer in his underwear singing karaoke and throwing chairs?

speaking of which, a GIS for ballmer is not exactly flattering

who would have guessed a GOOGLE image search wouldn't be flattering to steve ballmer?

i wonder what a bing image search for ballmer would... jesus what am i doing, better stop now before i run into rule 34

Comment Re:Let'see.. (Score 1) 631

Now how the hell could you add on top of that? We are already at "stay connected to the internet and have the game send data to us for as long as you play". Data you, of course, do not get to review or even know the contents of.

What do you want to add on top of that? Handing over your firstborn as a hostage while you're playing with them getting the right to slaughter him should you only think of making a copy?

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