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Comment Re:Hypochondria? (Score 2, Informative) 368

It would be nice with more refined diagnosis tools on the net tho; easily accessible and structured decision trees which can guide you through how to both rule in and rule out possibilities would make a good tool for both patients and doctors. Done correctly it could even cut down unnecessary doctors visits and/or increase chances of early discovery of some diseases.

The NHS has already produced a pretty good one. They also have a really good selection of information on their NHS Direct site, and a local rate national helpline to talk about general health related issues. Slightly more geekily, they have a Behind the headlines news site which gives the real science behind some of the more heinously bad medical reporting that some sections of the media engage in.

Plenty of controversy over nationalised healthcare systems: can't fault the NHS's online presence though, it's a real anomaly amongst Governmental efforts on the 'net.

Comment More screen = More resolution = Advantage. (Score 1) 138

No matter how big your TV, it's almost a certainty that 3x low res monitors would have more visual real-estate. More pixels.

You see more, you literally get a larger field of view.

You have a significant advantage if your resolution is higher and the game supports enhanced FOV. No TV, no matter how good, or no display no matter how big, can show you more.

Comment how much damage can an iPhone take (Score 1) 422

The iPhone has a glass screen that is very prone to cracking. I imagine it's a case of form over function, since glass looks nicer than plastic. It's not so pretty if ever the phone falls on a hard surface flat on the screen. This means an iPhone won't survive the ninja powers of a 2-year old who managed to grab your phone when you least expected it, to use as a hand grenade...

Also, for some stupid reason the screen was designed in such a way that changing it means also replacing the digitizer (the touch pad - glued to it) so you end up paying quite a pretty penny for repairs (between 1/3 and 1/2 of the price of the phone!).

Comment Google has no competition (Score 2, Interesting) 113

I run a small-medium sized web site that targets K-12 teachers. We started out small with very targeted ads, advertising on Google with a budget of $10/day and started making decent sales. We were doing so well that we decided to try Yahoo. We used the exact same ads and the exact same keywords as the ones for Google that were doing well. We put $100 in our Yahoo ads account to start with, and burned through the whole amount in 4 days without a single sale. Needless to say, we turned it off immediately and have never tried it again. Now we are making many more sales from our Google ads. I don't see how Yahoo's search marketing can be so inefficient and terrible. BTW, we also tried MSN/Live search and it's been active for about a year with a $20/day budget. The amount of money we give Microsoft every month is about $5. In other words, Microsoft search has absolutely no volume at all.

Comment Re:Part of a general pattern (Score 3, Interesting) 276

More exact it was a vote of over 100.000 people in Switzerland about the fate of their nation which was 'threatened' by a total of 4 (you read it right, four) minarets. A mayor factor why these people voted for the ban is the christian party in the country... Exactly like the ban on violent games the ban on minarets was engineered by a few conservatives who use fear to get a lot of people to vote their way. In the case of minarets they even had propaganda-posters like this:

Maybe it's tyranny, but the majority is just cattle...

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 289

I've had a CC for about 12 years now and i've never found visa and MC to be anything but helpful and honest. I lost my card in a dodgey part of memphis and the hotel only had the number for MC, so even though my card was a VISA I called them and they gave me VISA's number right away. VISA then shipped me a new card to the next hotel i was staying at via overnight registered mail.

I haven't had my number ever stolen but my brother in law has and they racked up $6k on it in 24 hours. the bank canceled the card and wiped the debt, including the $200 annual fee he should have had to pay anyway.

Comment Re:What constitutes "fake" hardware? (Score 1) 161

Cheap lead-based solder could be used with the RoHS label.

Oh, so you mean the counterfeits would actually be better? lead solder isn't "cheap" in the way you mean: it does not develop "tin whiskers" like tin-based solder does. Lead solder is also a lot more resistant to fatigue and breakage due to vibration, shock, etc.

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