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Comment Re:"The app was never a revenue driver..." (Score 1) 52

Twitter has never generated any profit and loses at least $100 Million every year.

Some products are not revenue generators themselves, they are complementary products that support something else that generates revenue. Or there is a hybrid model where it generates some revenue and also supports some other product that also generates revenue. It all depends on the buyer, and a buyer is probably not going to follow the current failed model you are referring to.

Comment Re:Bye, MagSafe (Score 1) 152

That still sticks out so it can hit something and break the port. That isn't a great solution.

It may be a great solution for the Apple Thunderbolt Displays. For laptops in the classroom or kitchen its still probably a good solution, the danger is someone yanking the cord. Banging the laptop, and in such a way to just hit the adapter perfectly, doesn't seem like one of the more common hazards.

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 1) 226

The iPhone 6 was not a "spike above the trend", it was a catch-up design following a trend that had existed for years.

We're discussing sales not design, note the article topic. The spike in iPhones sales were related to the 6 and people accelerating their upgrade plans to get the larger screen. The 7 has no features that a large number of people would accelerate their upgrade plans for, they'll get a 7 (or 8) on their normal upgrade schedule. So sales number drop compared to the 6 but are on the trend for a longer term chart.

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 1) 226

No, you are not. The idea that iPhones were "right-sized" was purely Jobs spin.

Uh, no. Its an opinion held by many who have carried both a 5 and a 6, each for over a year. The 5 is far more convenient to carry and that convenience outweighs the larger screen size. The reason I have a 6 is that development needs outweigh the convenience. I'll probably get an SE next, the modernized version of the 5.

Comment Re:Apple III, Lisa, original Mac, NeXTcube all fai (Score 1) 226

Jobs had little or nothing to do with the Lisa. In fact, the Mac was considered a rival project within Apple, even though it built upon significant amounts of the Lisa's R&D.

Jobs was involved with the Lisa project from '78 to '82 when he was forced off the project. His design decisions while involved in the project helped doom it.

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 1) 226

I'm not sure I'd call having a good size screen that every other manufacturer had been offering for a couple of years "phenomenal".

We're discussing sales not design. The sales were phenomenal, the spike was in the sales.

It's probably the headphone jack. People use it a lot, and they see that the iPhone 7 doesn't have one and the "solution" is a chain of dongles or $120 earbuds they have to charge and void losing, and decide to wait and see what happens next year.

Not really. The "solution" is to use the wired earbuds that come with the phone and plug into the lightning adapter. Most iPhone users use the earbuds that come with the phone. For the few that do otherwise, or need to plug into the car, there is the included dongle. There is one big use case where the current solution is a problem, charging while driving and while having the phone connect to the car. But there are 3rd party two way adapters for that.

Comment Re:It's the only reason (Score 1) 142

Seems to me that any modern contract that charges for SMS is pretty antiquated, but then in the US you can be charged merely for receiving an SMS, which still strikes me as batshit-crazy.

Believe it or not some people can live with only a few texts a day which actually can make pay as you go cheaper depending on your plan. Especially so when considering that texts sent via iMessage doesn't count towards those few.

Comment Re:It's the only reason (Score 1) 142

Only a chump would even think of PAYING for SMS. I certainly get unlimited SMS for my measly $35/month Virgin no-contract "plan".

Or someone who is not a teenager. If sending a hundred or less a month it could be a win depending on the plan, i.e. $0.05 per text vs $5.00 for unlimited. Now consider that the one hundred only applies to people not on iMessage and its even more plausible to be less expensive to pay per text.

Even if on unlimited the number of texts may still appear on the bill and cause annoying conversations with parents.

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 1) 226

Opposite here. I was skeptical about buying a 6+, but I wanted a replacement for my iPad Mini that I could easily read while my commuter bus was bouncing along the freeway. It felt HUGE for about a week until it became the new normal. Now I can barely type on an SE because it feels like I'm jabbing at a tiny little Barbie phone. Now that I've acclimated to the Plus's form factor, I'd hate going back.

Perhaps if I wore cargo pants/shorts more often than jeans. :-)

Comment Re:The 6th gen was a spike above the normal trend (Score 3, Interesting) 226

I think it has more to do with the iPhone 6 generation being a very popular upgrade, mostly due to the larger screen sizes.

Am I the only one who remembers the pre-iPhone6 fanbois sneering at the Samsung phone large screen and insisting that the iPhone was "right-sized"? That goes to show the level of iPhonyness of the Apple zealots.

I only have a 6 because I needed it for development, it is at the upper limit of what I consider pocket sized. 6P no way. I still prefer the 5 since it is more convenient to carry around. I'll probably get an SE next, its basically an updated 5. I'll use an iPad if I want to watch TV/movies not the phone.

I've met quite a few 6 users who miss the more convenient size of the 5. Nearly all agree there is something nice about everything being easily reachable by your thumb and that the 6's hack to scroll the screen down on demand is awkward. So you may find many 6 owners still of the opinion that the 5 was "right sized".

Comment Re:3rd party drivers (Score 1) 524

Do you know what a typical Office environment is, what typical hardware is? Its more likely to be a small business that is getting a PC from a second tier supplier that is using second tier less expensive parts, a business without an IT department that does careful evaluations and selections.

Actually, That describes my work environment to a "T".

Well, I was inspired by my work environment two employers ago. Our PCs came from the PC Clone shop a couple of blocks away. Fortunately my boss let me specify the parts for my development team's PCs so all went well. He regretted that since the PCs weren't as inexpensive as he expected but when we talked I was able to explain my choices and he reluctantly accepted them. The Macs for my team were fine since he had no choice other than what Apple put in the box.

Comment Re:Apple III, Lisa, original Mac, NeXTcube all fai (Score 1) 226

The original Mac under Jobs' tenure was an utter failure. Lots of press, disappointing sales. Many years after the Mac's introduction the Apple II was still paying the bills at Apple, carrying the Mac project. Jobs' Apple III (note 3 not 2) was a failure. Job's NeXTcube was a failure.

And of course the Lisa too.

The Lisa was a spectacular machine. Best monochrome monitor in history. A very well designed business-oriented computer. Just too damned expensive, and too far ahead of its time.

I used one a little. When my friend upgraded his Profile to 10M I bought the 5M and put it on my Apple //e. No more swapping out assembler and source code floppies.

Beside the $10K price tag (1980s dollars) it also suffered from Jobs mentioning something better and incompatible was under development (the Mac).

I used a NeXTcube a little at school too, also nice. But like the Lisa also limited due to Jobs' "vision" and design decisions. They were what he wanted, not what the market wanted/needed. Ahead of its time in terms of tech maybe but not in design, design wise they were failures, Jobs' vision failed. As did the Mac G4 Cube, cute but impractical.

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