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Comment dd-wrt isn't open source (Score 1) 257

The dude that runs this project is a douche. Don't support it. I attempted to build his stuff from scratch to see if it's even possible . Build scripts were poorly documented, and I knew after I had downloaded like 8GB of source that something was fishy.

It may work for you - but this guy does very little to help openwrt.

Please use openwrt - or x-wrt.


Comment s3 or jungledisk or ??? (Score 1) 411

take a look at S3 or jungledisk and see if you can somehow have that make sense. Mozy might not be a bad idea either. The big tradeoff is

1) limited SLAs (privacy / latency / bandwidth) for getting to your data; once you host with a provider and accept their physical / logical storage footprint - you are constrained to living in their hosting model
2) providing quick access to your dataset b/c you have special sauce

The timing / requirements to get back to the data are the things that should drive your behavior. It might make sense to turn the data over to the customer - so when they need you to work on it- they provide it back.

I think you might be looking at this all wrong - why not redo the analysis and charge for the whole thing again? (According to the RIAA/MPAA isn't that what should happen when we scratch our movies or music?)


Comment try clownix (Score 1) 164

I did a write-up on this product in the beginning of this month - can run quagga routers in the UML image of your choice - wrote / ran a 12 router lab that ran on a p4 with 512MB / RAM. (

If this product was used - you would only be able to functionally test the protocols in a particular topology - wouldn't be cisco, and it wouldn't be the same as production (different protocols, different topologies).

I discovered this trying to figure out a way to run quagga in a gns3-like setup. GNS3 is great for testing a specific cisco thing that you need to learn about - but it didn't do well for me beyond 3 routers - (too much hand-holding getting the environment tweaked).

My ultimate vision for quagga would be to run it on the hypervisor and let it scale (in numbers of routing instances) wrt to the number of hypervisors - it's a pipe dream for now, but I think that routing that can scale with hypervisors is going to be a big challenge for cisco (esp if they try to do it in silicon) -



Submission + - NBC Chief, "Apple 'destroyed' music pricing ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the most colorful description yet, NBC Universal chief executive Jeff Zucker on Sunday urged colleagues to take a stand against Apple's iTunes, charging that the digital download service was undermining the ability of traditional media companies to set profitable rates for their content online.

"We know that Apple has destroyed the music business — in terms of pricing — and if we don't take control, they'll do the same thing on the video side,"


Submission + - Sunrocket VOIP bites the dust (

peril writes: Thank god Sunrocket, an inexpensive good quality substitute to Ma-Bell, has been crushed by the monopolistic phone companies. Obviously, transporting voice data over ip is dangerous to out taxpayer subsidized monopoly. Thanks a lot for the 100Mbps connection to the house Verizon. (Oh wait — I know — I'll get that after Korea has standard gigE connections....) Today is their last day of service. DAMN, it only cost me 200 to renew in January (ooops)

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