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Comment Re:Isn't this goingg a bit far? (Score 1) 197

Exactly. I'm not blind, but I do prefer to browse with a larger-than-normal font. If sites just mark up content, then that works fine. Some pages override that control because they need to do complicated layout to say what they mean (like those interactive maps on, but most things that you need to say can be done with text.

I didn't think the data was so bad (for my standards) once you clicked the "Text View of Data" button. Pull-down menus and standard HTML tables with hyperlinks. The problem the original article was complaining about was that it didn't have extra markups that most people won't notice, but that help the special-assistance tools. Like using TH tags for the table header row, instead of just TR and setting the color.

When I looked at the main state-summary table here just now, it did mark up the header row correctly (as far as I could tell). The original article makes some specific complaints, such as this:

To make the table more accessible, use TH [table header] tags around the state names, and include scope="row".

It looked like this is what they do. Maybe they have already acted on the report?

Comment Re:They finally got anonymous coward! (Score 5, Interesting) 205

Actually, "Anonymous coward" is exactly the term the real Blarney actually used on his blog, writing "I successfully obtained, thanks to the masterful advocacy of Matthew Richardson, in the High Court today compelling an anonymous coward to stop pretending to be me on Twitter and to reveal his or her identity.".

Comment IPtables rate limiting is better (Score 1) 167

Actually, a simple one line IPtables rate limit on port 22 new connection attempts (or whichever port you use for SSH is better than Fail2ban or Denyhosts, because it will never lock yourself out.

I suspect that the author has such a limit on his firewall machine and that it is the reason why he sees the slow attack rates and that the slowness has nothing to do with the attackers!

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