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Submission + - Apple announces free case for iPhone 4 users

tuansevo writes: Apple plans to give iPhone 4 users a free case in hopes of satisfying concerns about the design of its antenna and signal problems.

CEO Steve Jobs made the announcement during a press conference at Apples headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Friday morning in response to a public-relations crisis over signal issues reported with the iPhone 4, which was unveiled in June. iPhone 4 owners will apply for the free bumper (a case that protects just the outer rim of the phone) online at Apples Web site, and owners who already purchased a bumper will get a full refund, Jobs said."We e not perfect, phones aren perfect. But we want to make all our users happy," Jobs said.

Jobs said Apple can make enough bumpers for of all 3 million iPhone 4 customers, so its contracting with third-party manufacturers and will offer customers a choice of cases.

Apple plans to continue offering these free cases until September 30, at which point Apple will re-evaluate whether or not thats still the best solution. Jobs admitted that Apples internal iPhone 4 testing showed the phone dropped more calls than the iPhone 3GS, but said the number of additional dropped calls was extremely small and that competitive smartphones such as the BlackBerry and the Droid suffer from similar problems.

After the press conference ended, Apple posted photos, videos, and details about its testing process that were shown during the event. The issue occurs when iPhone 4 users touch a small area on the lower-left side of the iPhone 4 where there is a gap in the iPhone 4s external antenna.

Jobs said just 0.55 percent of iPhone 4 owners called Apple to lodge complaints about the signal problems and return rates have been lower than they were for the iPhone 3GS. But a loud outcry against the design and Apples response to complaints exploded on the Internet, which in Jobs opinion was "blown way out of proportion."

Apple faced a similar outcry in 2007 when it drastically cut the price of the original iPhone from 9 to 9, and the company delivered a similar response: a 0 store credit.(Credit: [url=http://www.sieuthisimthe.com.vn/Sim-so-dep.htm]sim so dep[/url] Store)

Submission + - Apple gets injunction against egg cup in Germany (google.com)

Submission + - George Lucas C&Ds "Lightsaber Laser" (cnn.com)

dward90 writes: George Lucas thinks that bulky, handheld lasers shouldn't be produced because they are his intellectual property.

From CNN: "George Lucas wants to force a laser company to stop making a new, high-powered product he says looks too much like the famous lightsaber from his classic sci-fi series.

Lucasfilm Ltd. has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Hong Kong-based Wicked Lasers, threatening legal action if it doesn't change its Pro Arctic Laser series or stop selling it altogether"


Submission + - Microsoft's Hotmail Blows Up... Try It Yourself

UnHotmail Fanboy writes: "Silly you... if you had an account with Hotmail, you may want to try and have a peek. Odds are right now it is going to sarcastically tell you "You don't have an inbox...yet." Apparently Microsoft is blowing up the world one inbox at time with useless featurism. Don't worry, rest assured they will have a patch for it... after you validate your copy of Hotmail."

Submission + - School flexes Muscles over Teacher's Thong Photos 1

Darkon writes: UK Teacher Natasha Gray faces disciplinary action after posting revealing pictures on a modelling website. While some may agree with the school's opinion that the material was "completely inappropriate" it was also not against the law and produced in her own time outside of work. To what extent should our employers be poking their noses into what we do at home and should legal activities conducted in private be grounds for censure at work?

Microsoft Programming Contest Hacked and Defaced 151

davidmwilliams writes "Microsoft followed their major annual Tech-Ed event in Australia with a week-long programming contest called 'DevSta,' to find 'star developers.' While the quantity and quality of submissions suggest a poor turnout, it certainly caught the attention of at least two hackers who left their mark. Here is the low-down on the contest, what happened, by whom, and screen shots for posterity in case it's been fixed by the time you read this. And unless the volume of submissions increase dramatically within the next few hours, someone may be awarded an Xbox for doing nothing more than rewriting the Windows calculator as a .NET app."

Bloomberg Accidentally Publishes Jobs' Obituary On News Wire Screenshot-sm 6

Thousands of corporate clients received a story, marked "Hold for release - Do not use," from Bloomberg business news wire Wednesday afternoon. The story was the Steve Jobs obituary. The obituary was published "momentarily" after an update from a reporter and was "immediately deleted," Bloomberg said. Details of friends and colleagues of the Apple founder to be contacted by Bloomberg in the event of his death were also published. That story again, Steve Jobs *not* dead at 53.

Couple Win Most Bizarre Will Contest Screenshot-sm 6

A Brooklyn couple who were killed in their home last month have proved you can still be bitter after you're dead. They left a bizarre will to unloved family members and people they detested in life. Some choice lines include, "To my brother who I know hopes to be in my will, well, here you are. The sum of zero ($0.00) Dollars, I believe this sum is fitting, as you are probably the most greedy person I know," and "With regard to my estranged family who were never there for myself or my children, but always there for their distorted version of Catholicism, I give and bequeath the sum of $1 each to my" mother, father, two brothers and sister "and request that they donate same to their precious church to whom they had a greater allegiance, than to their first child and sister." The husband also requested that his body be fitted with SCUBA gear "and cast over the side of a vessel into the ocean where my body may rest undisturbed by any person[s] in the deep." Now that is what I call going out in style.

Submission + - BBC: Jeremy Clarkson pwn3d by himself. (bbc.co.uk) 1

unstable23 writes: The BBC has a summary of what happened when televison blowhard Jeremy Clarkson published his bank account details in a newspaper. Clarkson's contention was that no-one should be too bothered about 2 missing CDs with 25 million bank account records on them. His argument was that even if he published the details in a national newspaper, no-one could take money out of his account. Not surprisingly, when he opened his bank statement, he found he was now involuntarily donating 500 pounds to the charity Diabetes UK. Humble pie all round.

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