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Submission + - SOPA was not worst threat to web rights (

DillyTonto writes: Getting Congress to shelve SOPA was a big win, but also an anomaly in environment in which individual rights of speech and privacy are denigrated by far more direct intrusions. Taps recording Internet activity, cell-phone account records, Internet histories, financial data, personal associations are all available to commercial and government agencies citing largely unconstitutional new rules. Score 1 for SOPA opponents, but censors and snoops still have a commanding lead.

Submission + - A Guide for Using SOPA & PIPA to Kill Scientif (

mwolfam writes: Simply put, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) currently under development in Congress will provide a rapid way to sentence websites to death without the need for pesky things like trials and juries. Much to the surprise of nobody who understands how the Internet works, these two Acts will have absolutely no effect on digital piracy, but they will create an environment where freedom of speech could be severely curtailed, large companies can execute competitors, and scientific data can be hidden from the public.

Submission + - Is there such a thing as a MicroSD RAID?

davewoods writes: I recently came into possession of 20 2Gb MicroSD cards, all perfectly new and working, and I had an idea to try and RAID them together (For increased storage, faster speeds, and general nerd bragging rights). However, I am not an engineer in the slightest, so I would probably have to jerry-rig some type of solution using already created technology. BUT, the only technology I could find was a MicroSD to CF Adapter that looks like it puts four MicroSD cards into a RAID to use as one mass storage, though the product page is incredibly unclear on if this is correct or not. I was also hoping to make the end product able to use either SATA or USB, whichever is possible/simplest.

Does anyone have any ideas about this, or heard anything like this before?

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