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Submission + - Sophisticated Highly Targeted Phishing Attempts (memorytext.com)

Panaqqa writes: "I am involved with breeding purebred corgis, a small world which still makes heavy use of LISTSERV. Late yesterday an email arrived purporting to be from a well known breeder, indicating that she was stranded in Africa having lost her money and passport. The email appears to have been copied to a list of the most active LISTSERV contributors. It is in good gramatically correct English, and just happens to have originated in Pakistan based on the headers. Pakistan is a long way from Africa. The sender must have been monitoring the LISTSERV for some time to get his distribution list. Have any other Slashdot members had experience with such well designed and targeting phishing attempts, or is this level of sophistication something new?"
The Internet

Submission + - FCC decides 4.6 billion minimum bid for Spectrum (wired.com)

ChainedFei writes: From Wired News, In a surprising turn for the Spectrum auction, the FCC have stated that the minimum bid for the C-block spectrum being offered in the auction will be $4.6 billion, which coincidentally was the amount that GOOG fronted as a minimum bid to endorse certain open standards for the spectrum being sold.

It is essentially a move to shut out smaller possible competitors while also maximizing the money the auction will generate for the grade-A areas of the spectrum. In addition, any single bidder wishing to purchase the entirety of the spectrum must front a minimum of $10 billion.


Submission + - Orkut used to plan abduction (ibnlive.com)

aizak writes: IBNLive.com, the website of popular indian news channel CNN-IBN is reporting(video) that police investigations suggest the use of Orkut, to plan the kidnap of Adnan Patrawala, the 16-year-old son, of a businessman from Mumbai, India.
The abductors initially demanded a ransom of Rs.20 million(~ $5 million). It is believed that the aductors panicked when the media picked up the story on Sunday following which the body of victim was found in Navi Mumbai early Monday morning.
A presumably fake Orkut profile under the name of "Angel D" is under the police scanner.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - FCC 700MHz auction set for January 16th 2008

bain writes: "The FCC have announced (warning: PDF link) that the forthcoming auction of the 700MHz spectrum is due to be auctioned on January 16th next year. They plan to sell off 1,099 licenses freed by the approaching end of analog television broadcasting divided into five distinct blocks. So-called Blocks A and E cover the FCC's Economic Areas, 176 distinct subdivisions of the US and its territories. Block B is divided into the smaller Cellular Market Areas category, 734 in total. Block D — intended for use by public safety workers — is nationwide, meaning just one license will be offered spanning the nation. Finally, the controversial Block C is being offered as 12 regional covering the entire country."

Submission + - STT-RAM: The next generation of flash

bain writes: "IBM has a new joint venture with memory company TDK to produce a new flash memory using "spin torque transfer" that will allow scaling beyond 65nm. The new standard called STT-RAM marks a change of strategy for IBM who had been working on a more conventional type of magnetic memory called MRAM."

Feed Techdirt: Oh Look, Once Again A Judge Has Tossed Out Video Game Sale Ban As Unconstitution (techdirt.com)

Over and over and over and over and over and over again, state politicians have been passing laws that ban the sale of certain video games to children and every single time the laws are struck down as unconstitutional. Yet, local politicians keep proposing similar laws. Why? Because it gives them a talking point for the next election and making it look like they're "protecting the children" (even if the law does no such thing). However, what they're really doing is wasting taxpayer money, because every time one of these unconstitutional laws is passed, the state has to go to court to defend it, only to find it thrown out again. The latest state to waste taxpayer money over this? My home state of California, who has now had its law thrown out as unconstitutional, just like all the rest. Let's make this clear: more than ten states have passed these laws and not a single one has been found to be constitutional. Any politician passing such a law these days knows that they're wasting taxpayer money on a law that will undoubtedly be found unconstitutional -- and yet they do it anyway. What does that say about the politicians pushing such legislation?

Submission + - Mot Finally Ships Linux Mobile Phones in the U.S.

An anonymous reader writes: At long last, Motorola has finally shipped its first Linux-based mobile phone 'bound for North America.' The RAZR2 V8, which quietly became available last month, is a highly multimedia-oriented quad-band GSM/GPRS phone, with features such as Windows Media Player 11 codec, a USB 2.0 interface supporting 480Mbps file transfers, and a 'music touchscreen' on the external display. The company is also going to supplying a development toolsuite aimed at encouraging the development of third-party native Linux apps. Motorola announced plans to adopt Linux more than four years ago, but has shipped Linux phones in volume only in Asia and Latin America, to date.

Submission + - AT&T Union Workers Slamming Time Warner

BarneyRabble writes: "According to this article from this morning's Broadband Reports, http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Unions-Pitch-UV erse-86413 the CWA workers of AT&T here in Milwaukee are slamming Time Warner Cable for their anti-union practices and are asking customers to jump ship and move from cable to AT&T's U-Verse, stating that their service is far superior than Time Warner. They have gone as far to create their own website, http://www.getuniontv.org/ defending their position."

Feed Schneier: Asking for Passwords (schneier.com)

How do you get a password out of an IRS agent? Just ask: Sixty-one of the 102 people who got the test calls, including managers and a contractor, complied with a request that the employee provide his or her user...

Submission + - cool jam session platform (jambassador.com)

SevenInch writes: I don't play in a band and always reherased by myself. But sometimes that's "boring"!
Now I just read about jamabssador.com where people like me (musicians) can meet up having jam sessions. Okay, that's what they say — because it's no real live jam session; it's more like uploading an audio channel and other sound freaks can jam along. All registered users can upload song projects or ad channels to existing song projects ... anyway, too complicated to describe in every detail! Just check out yourselves — a cool way of bringing new fun in rehearsing your instrument.

Great idea: http://www.jambassador.com/


Submission + - The Economics of Open Source

Alice White writes: "Mayank Sharma has put together an article discussing the economics of open source and what the projects do with their donations.

"So why are donations important? Since it seems to bother so many people, I thought I'd ask someone in the know. Fabio Erculiani, lead-developer of the two-man development team that churns out the popular Gentoo-based Sabayon Linux lists some common expenses of running a FOSS project. "We have hosting bills," explains Erculiani who has passed on a job offer by Google to complete his studies,"backup systems such as NASs, RAID arrays (hard drives tend to break often here... I had two breakages in around 6 months)..."

Taken from http://www.packtpub.com/article/the-economics-of-o pen-source-donations"

Submission + - Judge overturns Microsoft $1.5billion verdict (www.rte.ie)

popoutman writes: "A US judge last night overturned a jury verdict ordering Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion for infringing on the French firm's patents. US Senior District Court Judge Rudi Brewster, who is handling a legal appeal of the jury trial's outcome, issued a written ruling in favour of Microsoft and against Lucent, according to court documents."

"In his ruling, Brewster concluded that the US software giant did not infringe on one of the patents and that Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft would need to join Alcatel-Lucent's infringement suit for it to be valid in court."

Internet Explorer

Submission + - How to Increase the Number of Simultaneous Downloa (pctipsbox.com)

pcripsbox writes: "By default Internet Explorer 7 is restricted to download only 2 files from a server at the same time. This is not a short coming of the IE but its coded such way to maintain web standards. But it can be easily overridden by a registry tweak. http://www.pctipsbox.com/how-to-increase-the-numbe r-of-simultaneous-download-limit-in-ie7/"

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