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Submission + - All-in-one business solution based on open source 1

Office123 writes: Office123 — a Danish technology start-up — has just launched its international version of an all-in-one business solution based on several open sources projects.

Office123 is founded on the idea that open source software can challenging to install, maintain and sometimes also use — especially for non-technical users. Office123 has:

1. Integrated, expanded and installed many different open source applications in a hosted environment.
2. Made the applications easier to use, by improving usability and documentation and making them preconfigured using best practice.

All together it becomes an all-in-one business solution for small businesses. Nothing to install, nothing to configure, and with this invitation it is all free for infinity.

During launch and until the end of 2009, Office123 offers everyone who signs up, a free business account with up to 4 additional users for no cost and no expire. This is not a trial account nor crippleware — this is really free!

Office123 has the following functionality:
- Build and manage website with the content management module
- Send and receive e-mails with a domain
- Send invoices and manage financial books with the ERP/Accounting module
- Manage contacts with the CRM module
- Mange projects with the Project management module
- Store documents with the Document management module
- Organize time and resources with the Calendar and Resources module
- Make phone calls via Skype for SIP (upon special request)
- 1 GB of document/email/website storage

Read more and sign-up at
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Can virtual diseases model real-life epidemics?

kevinatilusa writes: The Associated Press reports on a study published by Nina Fefferman and Eric Lofgren in the Lancet. The article suggests that the 2005 Corrupted Blood epidemic in World of Warcraft could be useful as a model of the human factors (including the aptly named "stupid factor") often missed in theoretical models of the next big outbreak. Fefferman suggests that in the future online games might be useful to "provide a population where controlled outbreak simulations may be done seamlessly within the player experience".

Submission + - HP selling defect printers for Macintosh

An anonymous reader writes: After struggling with the installation program for a HP Deskjet F2180 on a new Mac Mini, I called up their telephone service. And I was told that HPs installation software for Mac OSX for the HP Photosmart F Series does not work. In other words, for all practical purposes, the printers do not work on Mac. HP has no fix and no ETA for a fix. Furthermore, HP has known about this for a long while (months) while continuing to sell the printers to Mac users — without warning and without informing their retailers.

I would find it interesting to understand why HP would choose to treat their customers so cavalier.

For people who can read Swedish, underneath is an excerpt from an email received from HPs customer service.

Dato: 21. august 2007 10.13.09 GMT+02:00
Emne: Angående en HP Photosmart skrivare
Svar til:

HP — Customer Care —


Takk for at du tok kontakt med HP Brukerstøtte.

Det är ett problem med installationsprogrammet till Mac OSX på den CD som följer med till skrivare i HP Photosmart F-serien vilket gör att den inte går att installera. En uppdaterad CD är på väg men har ingen ETA på den.

Dersom du har andre spørsmål, er du velkommen til å kontakte meg igjen.

Med vennlig hilsen

HP Teknisk support

Submission + - How eBay doesnt collapse. Scientific American

David Greenspan writes: Ever wonder why sellers on eBay aren't more dishonest? Scientific American did. In an article titled "Is Greed Good?" they discuses how it is possible for eBay to function since many scientists believe in the concept of "Homo economicus (economic man)" that a man is "a rational, selfish person who single-mindedly strives for maximum profit." According to that concept every seller should simply flee with the buyers' money yet this is clearly not the case, Scientific American discusses why. Scientific American

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