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Submission + - Renault Opens Up the 'Car as Platform' ( 1

pbahra writes: "Renault has launched what it describes as a “tablet,” an integrated Android device built into its next range of cars, effectively opening the way to the car-as-a-platform. The device, called the R-link, will be integrated into the forthcoming Renault Clio 4 as well as the Zoe electric vehicle, according to Patrick Hoffstetter, Renault’s chief digital officer. Renault will roll it out across the full range, he said.
At the Le Web conference last year, Renault’s chief executive, Carlos Ghosn, announced the company’s intention to open up the car to developers, safety considerations not withstanding. “The car is becoming a new platform,” said Mr. Hoffstetter. He said the seven-inch device can be controlled by voice recognition or by buttons on the steering wheel. “We need help now,” he said. “We need developers to work on apps.” When it launches, there will be about 50 apps bundled with the device, mostly written by Renault. “We will open a Renault app store for people to download their own apps,” he said. Although Mr. Hoffstetter would not be drawn on the exact terms for developers, he said there would be a revenue share."


Submission + - German Researchers Find Security Hole in Android (

pbahra writes: "German researchers have made a startling discovery. A large number of Google Android smartphones are vulnerable to attack from uninvited perpetrators, who can access your contacts, calendar and private photos, according to three researchers from Ulm University in southern Germany. The finding follows the recent press around Apple and Google collecting user data. While such revelations are becoming commonplace in today's new world of always on, always connected smartphones, the seriousness of what the researchers found is not to be underestimated. By accessing your contacts and calendar, raiders could naturally steal such information, but they could also use such information to figure out when you might be home, for example. They could also alter stored email addresses without you even noticing, and intercept communication. In a blog post, the researchers said that they set out to see if it's possible to launch an impersonation attack against Google services. "The short answer is: Yes, it is possible, and it is quite easy to do so," they wrote."

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