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Comment Re:Sega did it (Score 1) 335

But look how it worked out for them. The quality of their games has steadily declined to the point where their biggest brand (Sonic) has been so tarnished that it may not recover. Marvel (Disney) even revoked Sega's rights to publish movie licensed-games because the games were so horrible. Be careful what you wish for.

Comment No such claim (Score 1) 109

Oh, but it is fraud when there is a claim that it is innovation when in fact it is not. The court system just looks the other way.

They don't claim anything of the sort (at least not in court). They just claim to own a valid patent (which they do) and that the defendant's product is infringing on it (which may or may not be true). Is it unethical? Sure! Is it fraud, no--not in the same sense that this is at least.

Comment Re:What are you paying for this? (Score 1) 346

No, I don't have a problem with targeted ads or Facebook knowing the personal information that I choose to publish there. I am simply pointing out that Facebook is not entirely a "free" service and therefore we DO have a right to complain when they suddenly and without warning change our email addresses on their site without permission.

Comment Re:Cryptography ? (Score 1) 350

No one has commented about them "breaking the software encryption". I am surprised that it would be so easy to do. Could it be true ? Does anyone has insight into what type of encryption is used or how it could be broken ? I'm pretty sure it's not ROT13.

By reverse engineering the software and finding the key or by digging through the key in memory using a hardware tool to perform a MITM attack between the chipset and memory. I'm sure they didn't do anything interesting like break a block cipher.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 407

I think my memory of CompUSA is tainted by how awesome and professional its staff was during the store's liquidation. I used to go to my local store during its final days frequently and was literally able to barter with the staff about the price of floor model computers and TVs. They even sold me a $2400 laptop with a broken screen for $700 and were extremely helpful. I also liked the fact that I could show up and pick up modding supplies anytime I wanted and that they actually had a great selection of computer parts, though the prices were high so it was only good in a pinch. Still though, with the proliferation of fast, cheap and efficient online stores, its only a matter of time before most of these brick and mortar stores are out of business. They couldn't find ways to improve the consumer experience and they couldn't find ways to make their prices competitive, so now they will have to close, just as they deserve to. I'll always look back with nostalgia on the days when I used to go to stores and peruse aisles to find cool items, but the thought will quickly fade away as I buy 4x the stuff for the same price by shopping on Amazon.

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