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Comment The competitors should not try to copy the iPad (Score 1) 716

As long as the competition simply tries to copy the iPad, they wil have a hard time beating it. Yet, Apple with its closed business model, will not easily get a dominant market share for a long period, but will be a major force of influence. I do own a tablet which, except for Germany, is not quite popular; at least not here in the Netherlands, yet it has raised a lot of interest from my colleagues here, by the way I use it. I dropped the MeeGo from it as it is not mature at all yet and put Ubuntu netbook mix (10.10) on it. True, it's far from where the iPad is looking at pure tablet things, but extending it with a usb-.DVI connector and connecting to my 1920x1200 screen it suddenly turns into a perfect dual screen notebook replacement and yet it still is the only thing ( 1kg) that I need to carry around (I happen to have a display that size both at work and at home). Bluetooth keyboard on both desks and a very tiny usb based one for the road to finish things. Plug in a DVB-T stick and watch live TV on it. Mine doesn't have 3G but I can use my N900 phone for tethering. A 3G model does exist as well though. Oh yes, forgot to say it runs a dualcore Atom, so everything running on a Linux PC simply works (or even Windows, if you want/have to). Ok, I'm not saying my use is "the way" to use a tablet, but I think it shows the potential if you start to think outside the Apple build iPad box. I bought a second one a few weeks ago for experimenting and I can't wait to see what more I can do with it.

Comment Re:won't treat REAL ADHD (Score 1) 124

So what is real ADHD/ADD? Is it the malfunctioning of the brain that the appr. 30% of the people taking ritalin and "getting better" by? Personally I don't think so. I think it is a diagnosed brain malfunctioning (at least further from normal functioning than most people) which may have multiple causes and treatments. At the moment all these similar things are called ADHD/ADD. None of them being more or less real than the other. My wife has ADD and she had neurofeedback. It served her very well! It is interesting to see how indeed by watching a movie or playing a game you can rewire your brain (oversimplified). The nice thing is that it all works via the electrodes on your head, so the brainwaves control the output on the screen. No thinking involved. My wife first had ritalin and it worked, but with a lot of side effects. I know more people with ADHD to whom this is not the price they are willing to pay (all the time). It takes away their creativity, reduces the quality of their work, etc. Neurofeedback, so far, doesn't have this. Besides that, it is a temporary thing you need to do, on the contrary of taking ritalin all your life. If you ask me personally, I consider ADHD/ADD as a quality (with some negative side effects), because most people that I know of having it, are very creative, high sensitive, etc. Thus having a way to lower these side effects without losing the quality of it is a very positive thing.

Comment Re:infuriating (Score 2, Informative) 256

I have to admit I never tried it, but my Nokia N95 has TV out and support keyboards via bluetooth, so there you are. Personally I prefer my Nokia N810 for mobile computing, connecting to the internet via WLAN running Joikuspot on my N95 with a unlimited data subscription with t-Mobile in the Netherlands (HSDPA)

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