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Comment Re:Buy a cheap CRT (Score 1) 367

You're right - and I think our roads, military, firefighters, police and water systems are run so poorly that we need to find someone else to run them for us... Only through competition will we have the choice of who to hire to spray water on our houses and chase down the arsonists who did it. I just hope they offer frequent buyer's cards.

Comment Re:Sounds good... (Score 1) 451

These are tack-on penalties, like not wearing a seatbelt is to traffic offenses. You're not going to get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt, but if you get pulled over for breaking the speed limit and the cop doesn't like your attitude, they'll tack on the "no seatbelt" penalty as well. So if you're in the slammer for some crime, they can tack-on "oh, hey neglected to pay taxes for his ill-begotten gains".

Comment Re:Someone should be fired! (Score 2, Informative) 139

Not quite - you're thinking of older versions. Modern versions of Peakflow are teamed with TMS (Threat Management System), which allow you to mitigate DDoS attacks.

From their website, "Surgical Mitigation Arbor Peakflow SP TMS enables you to automatically detect and surgically remove only the attack traffic while maintaining legitimate business traffic â" thereby ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction."

Comment Re:Going rate... (Score 1) 289

I actually cried when my teeth were replaced with money. Miraculously enough, when I woke up in the morning, my tooth was back, and the money had vanished. By some freak luck, I managed to keep all of my baby teeth in a packet after they all fell out... perhaps these will pay off? Who knows?

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