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Comment Re:no 5th? (Score 1) 1047

Problem is, forensics people are smart too. They know about all of this software and they have software of their own. Powerful forensics software the average computer enthusiast has never seen or heard of. There is a fair chance that they will investigate all of that freespace for patterns and can probably tell if it looks like a hidden encrypted volume versus remnants of overwritten files.

Submission + - Cisco offers $10m network innovation prize

Stony Stevenson writes: Cisco Systems has announced the launch of the Cisco I-Prize which offers up to $10m to global entrepreneurs with commercially viable network technology business ideas. The winning team could have the opportunity to join Cisco as founders of a new emerging technology business unit. Depending on the value of the idea, Cisco may also invest a further $10m over three years to fund the new business unit.

The prize is open to individuals aged 18 and older and entries will be evaluated in much the same way that Cisco assesses new internal business ideas for its Emerging Technologies Group. The only catch is that ideas must have the potential to bring in at least $1 billion revenue to Cisco over a five to seven year period, and submissions must use the IP network as a platform.

Submission + - Illinois Bill to Ban Social Networking Sites

AlexDV writes: "Library blogger Michael Stephens is reporting that Illinois Senator Matt Murphy (R-27, Palatine) has filed a senate bill which "Creates the Social Networking Web site Prohibition Act. Provides that each public library must prohibit access to social networking Web sites on all computers made available to the public in the library. Provides that each public school must prohibit access to social networking Web sites on all computers made available to students in the school." The bill's full text can be found here.

What is it with politicians introducing crazy Internet-related legislation lately? Could this bill have something to do with the fact that prominent Democratic presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John Edward are using social networks as a core component of their campaigns? Hmm..."

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