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Comment Re:Invaders from Earth !! (Score 1) 231

Alternative storyline. 1) Earth probe lands on alien world and native life forms watch it land. 2) native life forms eagerly eat the "stuff" that comes out of it. 3) Native lifeforms get slight upset stomach and produce a few piles of slightly runny droppings. 4) Microbes in droppings merge with local microbes and evolve into some new micro organisms that find a nice niche within alien eco system. 5) Same as it ever was...

Comment Re:The New Invasive Species (Score 5, Insightful) 231

Once we get sophisticated enough probes etc. we'll probably soon find that life is literally everywhere in the universe. From what's been found already on earth it's clear that microbes can live almost everywhere. And when you get things like tardigrades and the shrimp who live in hydrothermal vents etc. it's clear that multicellular life seems to find a niche almost everywhere.

Personally I think the whole multiverse is teeming with life. It just seems to be a natural part of things There are probably beetles everywhere !

Intelligence on the other hand is severely lacking :)

Comment Re:Russia doesn't need to interfere. (Score 5, Insightful) 531

All very interesting. But the USA and the UK are doing exactly the same sort of thing all over the world too so there's no high horse to get on. So the Russians are doing what "we" do. Big deal. News at 11.

Countries are all run by crooks. Who use their position to try to further enrich themselves at the public's expense. It's not a left/right thing. It's not a national thing. It's just crooks being crooks.

Same as it ever was...

Comment If the bees disappeared... (Score 1) 244

There's a quote that is often attributed to Albert Einstein (not sure if this is correct or not) but it's entirely relevant to the article:

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

The idiots responsible for this disaster want their arses kicking. Hard.

Comment More likely they've no interest in us (Score 0) 559

A more likely scenario is that there are an uncountable number of very old, very intelligent, alien races out there and we haven't got the intelligence/means to even start detecting them. As for them contacting us or making them selves known to us we're probably not remotely interesting to them.

One or more of races probably came by at some point in our history and decided that either the trilobites, the dinosaurs or, if they came by more recently, the almost intelligent, selfish, greedy warlike "ape things" have got a l-o-n-g way to go before they've evolved to the point they are worth a closer look.

I'll have cycled past at least one nest of ants this morning (probably 100s). If I stopped to have a look at one I'd find it interesting to see what they were doing (I like ants) but I doubt that they would have noticed me and I certainly don't think they would comprehend me or my bicycle.

The idea that humans are either unique, the only sentient life in the universe or important (in universal terms) is simply delusional arrogance by minds too small to even begin to comprehend the sheer vastness of it all.

Intelligent life is everywhere in the universe - apart from where politicians gather !

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