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Submission + - Will SiriusXM Allow Free Streaming of Live Show

pallmall1 writes: Art Bell wants SiriusXM to allow his new show "Dark Matter" to be streamed live on the internet. He would stream the live show from and "kick butt". Art doesn't believe that live streaming will cause any loss of SiriusXM subscribers. They are hoping to get an answer from SiriuxXM bosses as soon as Monday for what Art acknowledges would be essentially a new business model. Will SiriusXM go for it?

Art makes an important announcement concerning the future of the show. He’s concerned that the SiriusXM streaming mobile app and web player are not up to the job (1001 errors) and suggests that we ( serve the program LIVE using other Internet streaming protocols (Icecast), to allow a more favorable listening experience and to allow the streaming of the LIVE program for FREE all over the world.


Submission + - Cox Business Webmail Bans iPhone

pallmall1 writes: Cox Communications business service recently "upgraded" its web based email, and it now requires that the Adobe Flash plugin be installed. That's right, Cox has "improved security" by requiring the Adobe Flash plugin be installed. There is no mention of this on their support pages, or any of their announcements touting the "improved" web interface. When asked about iphone users, Cox support replied they must use an imap client because the new webmail interface will not work on the iphone, or any other browser that does not have the required Adobe Flash plugin installed. Linux 64-bit users are similarly affected.

Submission + - Google News Users Revolt, Google Censors

pallmall1 writes: Hundreds of users of Google News have been expressing dissatisfaction with the newly redesigned Google News page. Nearly 100% of opinions are strongly negative, and have been since the redesign began testing prior to yesterday's full release in the US. Information Week compares the redesign to Coca-Cola's ill fated New Coke fiasco. Google's response has been to block searches critical of the redesign. The threads are growing fast, so get it while it's hot.

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