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Submission + - Netflix creates its own TV series and makes all episodes simultaneously avaiable (

paleshadows writes: Netflix announced that it has created its own TV series and that "unlike any major TV premiere before it, we are debuting all eight episodes of the first season at the same time today [whereas] conventional TV strategy would be to stretch out the show to keep you coming back every week." Steven Van Zandt (of Springsteen's E Street Band and The Sopranos) is starring.

Submission + - Apple buys PowerPC manufacturer PA Semi. (

Cheeseburger Melbourne Fun Underground writes: "Just one day before Appel reports quarterly earnings, Forbes reports that Apple has snapped up super-efficient PowerPC chip maker P.A. Semi. Founded in 2003, P.A. Semi has one flagship product, the PA6T-1682, a 2.0GHz 64 bit dual-core PowerPC based system on a chip that consumes just between 5 and 13 Watts. Apple had once been in talks with P.A. Semi regarding replacement PowerPC CPUs for their ailing PowerBook line, but those talks petered out after the switch to Intel. Forbes speculates that P.A. Semi's products may be used in the iPhone and iPod, but an efficient but powerful system on a chip using such low power may be more suited to a future cooler-running and smaller MacBook Air."

Submission + - Cure for cancer may be ready in two years (

GnarlyDoug writes: Dr Zheng Cui has, through a stroke of luck, found that the granulocytes from some mice are up to 50 times better at fighting cancer than others. He has cured mice with simple transfusions of granulocytes. These cells seem to recognize almost all cancer lines, are extremely effective even in advanced cases, and and the resistance seems to last for the life of the mouse. So not only does this treatment cure many cancers, but it also provides resistance to future cancers as well.

Evidence suggests that this should hold true for humans as well. Because this is based on blood transfusions, a technology already long established, this could be ready to so very soon. The go-ahead for a human trial has already been given, and if it pans out then this could be available in as little as two years time. Some simple tests to find people with the resistant strain of blood and then a system of transfusions is all that is needed to get this started.

If it pans out, we may be looking at a general cure for cancer within a few years time.


Submission + - Microsoft admits buying Swedish OOXML votes (

ath writes: In an interview with the swedish magazine NyTeknik , a Microsoft representative admits to "recommending" business partners to vote on OOXML.
Translated quotes from the article:
-We have been informing our business partners about the process at SIS. What is going on, what the time plan is and that Microsoft thinks it is good if OOXML becomes a standard
-In a letter from Microsoft, our business partners were informed that they were 'expected' to participate in the SIS meeting and vote yes. As a compensation they would get 'market benefits' and extra support in terms of microsoft resources.
-This was a mistake and the letter was sent by a single employee on his own initiative without sanctions from Microsoft. He also quickly realised his mistake and tried to recall the letter
-I can understand the critique about coup like voting. But I claim the voters knew the issue well and had their own interest in OOXML becoming an ISO standard
(Interviewer) -Has this harmed Microsoft?
-Time will tell. But almost all customers we have been talking to thinks it would be good if OOXML became an ISO standard.


Intel Launches Mobile Linux Project 68

An anonymous reader writes "Intel has unveiled an ambitious project aimed at developing open source software for mobile devices. The Moblin project comprises a Linux kernel, UI framework, browser, multimedia framework, and embedded Linux image creation tools, along with developer resources such as documentation, mailing lists, and an IRC channel. Intel says it hopes Moblin will serve as a 'point of integration' for multiple sub-projects, and appears eager to see devices such as its Mobile Internet Device design, and chipsets such as its Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 platform, be thoroughly supported by Linux. Although all of the projects currently focus on the Intel architecture, Moblin says it is open to hosting support for other processor architectures."

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