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Comment Re:Um, duh? (Score 1) 314

AFAIK, schools like MIT (or my alma mater Caltech), are the exceptions that proves the rule. Single dimensional focus on academics (e.g., STEM) might be *one* way to get into an "elite" school that has a narrow focus, but isn't really going to get you very far in an admissions pool at Harvard, or Stanford.

Except that MIT sees thousands more applicants than there are spaces - and all those applicants have 4.0s and all those applicants have won science fairs. The applicant that has that and has also written/acted/played an instrument/etc. is going to stand out.

Comment Re:Asking the wrong question (Score 1) 370

NOTHING has changed about the ability of humans to adapt to new circumstances.

The dinosaurs adapted to every change in their environment for hundreds of millions of years. Then new circumstances arose which they could not adapt to - unless you want to count chickens as a success story.

Comment Re:Failure of imagination (Score 1) 370

People have been making that same argument since the dawn of the industrial revolution and it is just as nonsensical now as it was then.

I see this argument often when these type of discussions come up. It seems to me to be some kind of logical fallacy to think that something new will not happen because it has not happened in the past. It reminds me of the historical observation that generals are always fighting the last war.

Comment Re:I can hear crying (Score 3, Funny) 284

Actually, this is very bad news. Loss of his Twitter outlet might cause le Grande Orange to take full advantage of the upcoming universal cell messaging push technology being rolled out to use in national emergencies. You want to get five messages every day from the brain of your dyehard leader - with no way to turn them off?

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