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Journal paitre's Journal: *blink* 2

I decide to poke about in my account menu for the first time in -years- (yeah, I've been around here that long...bite me lusers), and discover that someone likes me (ie. has me on their "Friends" list).
I mean, WTF? Not that I'm not grateful or anything, but this has to mean that my 3-ish years of lurking and keeping a low profile are starting to end....

'bout damned time, too.

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  • So I guess I am the reason for this journal entry. I actaully have no idea when or why I listed you as a friend. You must have posted something that struck me as particularly interesting, but I can't find what that was at the moment.

    Don't worry, I can unlist you if you would like. It would keep your pages free of little green and red tablets.

    • Not a problem, just not something that I expected :)

      Believe me, it's -NOT- something that I though of as a bad thing. Really!

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