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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 2) 908

Correct. If the US occupied Mexico, then started settling Americans there who openly talked about displacing, out-breeding, and otherwise getting rid of all the Mexicans there, THEN built a wall between the US and occupied Mexico, it would be more similar.

Yes indeed. So, let's talk about Texas.

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 892

You didn't vote for Trump because you want good government: He was always the worst candidate.

They didn't say that Trump was the good government they were seeking. It seems many people voted for Trump because he would break shit, and then people would be forced to fix it, much like ObamaCare. Not sure if that was the case for the OP, but I have seen people stating they voted for Trump because they thought he'd essentially shake everybody up (due to incompetance) and others would have to get serious about governing. (Those people have more faith in humanity than I do however.)

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 892

So the real issue here is why Trump seems so keen to placate Russia, when the US's military and economic might literally dwarfs Russia's abilities.

On reasons bordering on conspiracy theories, it's because Trump not only is beholden to financial interests in Russia, but they also have info on him. If that is the case, I suspect what we'll see is a dropping of sanctions against Russia and letting them have their way in places like Syria while also playing them up as the adversary of the USA. This will free up Russia's economy and let them build up their sphere of power while giving them the prestige of being the foil of the US. Lot's of saber rattling while objectively giving them deals.

Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 1) 892

She did win in a landslide in the only thing polls measure: number of voters. That popular vote win WAS in fact a landslide. No, landslide is not strong enough a word - it was a fucking avalanche.

Not really. She lost about a third of the votes that Obama got. Meanwhile, Trump pulled in about the same as the last two Republicans candidates also got.

Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 1) 892

Have you ever heard the term "RINO?" As in "Republican In Name Only?" Neocon McCain is the chief RINO, and is generally regarded by conservatives to be a traitor who can always be counted on to attack other Republicans to the delight of the leftist media.

Shit. Tea Party are the RINOs. They're pretty much just Dixiecrats that switched sides back under Nixon due to Civil Rights and were later cultivated by Reagan for their money. It's not as if the actual ideals of the South and its oligarchy changed when it went from solid blue to solid red. Both parties used to have concervative and liberal sides to them, but the Democrats conservatives all fled to the Republicans and took over the party.

Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 2) 892

If you want to see a real horror show of government, it would be Trump White House vs. the United States Congress. Vetoing bills out of spite, sending even more unqualified people for confirmation just to troll the Senate, etc. And don't think this guy wouldn't do it.

I'm just waiting for the budget and other issues to come up that Trump will want passed. I certainly have no trust in his business acumen and bet that he will propose spending that will make even the Republicans blanch even through we haven't had a fiscal conservative President since Eisenhower. The wall is going to cost more money than he thinks. Even given unlimited funds, he won't be able to deport enough illegals during his term to make a difference (and they're certainly not going to do something like go after the people who hire them or alter the Social Security program to catch them). His requests to the military was a report on how to solve the problem with ISIL in 30 days and I can't even imagine what that sort of project would cost (in lives as well as money). Seeing how I doubt he's unable to load Maine with all the nation's debt and then have it declare bankruptcy and sell it to Canada, I also doubt his usual business means will suffice in running the nation. He won't like being told No and things will probably steamroll from there.

Comment Re:More mocking (Score 1) 490

First jobs are usually shit, is the thing. My first coding job paid $18k, FFS. Don't turn your nose up at that first shit job - it gets you into the industry, and it's much easier to find an OK job with 2 years of experience.

From my millennial friends, this is pretty much what is going on with many tech companies. Get a job and Amazon, get overworked and then take your newly padded resume to get a better job someplace else before you get laid off. Average time at Amazon is 18 months. Repeat several more times till you actually get a job doing what you want, where you want, that can be a career. Pretty much what happened to me also during the .com boom, but certainly not what my parents or university was telling to expect.

Comment Re:Bubble (Score 1) 490

Bubble? What bubble, my house is still worth 20% less than when I bought it 10 years ago. There is no bubble, and that's why people aren't moving. They owe too much on their house from last time the bubble burst. If selling your house means you have to pay the bank money to close out the mortgage, you're probably not going to move.

There is a bubble but several things are going on and it's not going on everywhere. All that money that was invested in home loans that suffered back in 2008/2009; well, the people who got their money out needed a new place to put it and it seems they are putting it into actual real estate, buying up houses. They also are targeting hot housing markets like NYC, SF, Seattle, Portland Austin, not all housing markets. These places also happen to be hot because there are lots of people moving there because their are lots of jobs. Add in the people buying and flipping houses and it drives those housing markets even more. The question is why are those spots doing well economically and driving markets while places like Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, and others are not? My current theory is that the economy has moved into a phase that instead of mass of blue collared workers, the new economy relies on large pools of degreed and even specialized workers.

Comment Re:Well, no shit! (Score 1) 328

So well said. At this point other than 2 flavors of performance reduced (by form) Macbook Airs (Macbook and Macbook Pro) and the iMac (a laptop in a monitor), it appears their entire desktop line is dead and just waiting to be retired.

They keep quiet about their upgrades and from other news and rumor sites, I can infere that they not only scavenged people from the desktop line for the Mac Books but that also Intel hit some blip in production so the chips they were planning on using are coming out much later than expected. Still, even if they did forego use of whatever chips that other desktop companies are using, I would expect updates in RAM, video cards, and harddrive space over the years enough to show a blip on Mac Rumors upgrade guide. Either that or lowered prices.

Comment Well, no shit! (Score 5, Insightful) 328

Most everybody that wants a Mac already has one. If they want a new one, well, there isn't one. No new Mac Pro in three years. Same for Mac minis and the last "upgrade" was actually a downgrade. No new iMac in two. Tim Cook said last year he was expecting for people to upgrade their Macs every three years, but the sad truth is that three years is up for many people and the Mac on sale is the one they already have or so close to it that there's no reason to upgrade unless it's dead. Add in that the newer models may be less upgradable than the ones they already have and that's less incentive to get a newer Mac. I'm still on my 2008 Mac Pro because it still works and I'm certainly not going to shell out top dollar for a three year old machine. i thought I might even go down to an iMac, but they're almost as old.

Comment Re:Utter nonsense. (Score 1) 288

Of course Musk isn't going to start digging tunnels next month. I can scarcely begin to imagine how much work it involves to get permission, permits, acquire land, and the million-and-one other things you have to do before even breaking the sod.

The real question is if he will be building his own boring machines. There's already a lot of tunnels being built using boring machines and they are not made in the US. Does he think that he can improve on the machinery like he did rockets and create another company? Tunnels will be important to both hyperloop and Mars colonies. He may just have the idea and people that he can provide that service to his own projects and produce another company out of it.

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