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Comment Re:Universal Basic Income would fix that (Score 1) 86

Even with Universal Basic Income you still have tasks to do - shopping for your food, cooking your food, cleaning your house, maintaining your yard, taking a bath (well, maybe not in your case). There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done.

However, judging by some of my roommates in college, there will still be plenty of people that won't do them.

Comment Re:Sometimes a parting of ways is best (Score 1) 239

You could say that about any profession. My wife is a physician and she tells people who say they want to be a doctor that "if you can imagine yourself doing anything else you probably should". That job is too hard and takes too much from you to bother with if it isn't a calling. Furthermore that pretty much contradicts your point above. If they don't have a passion for software development why are you pushing them into it if it isn't their thing? I'm an engineer and I've done enough programming to know that it isn't what I want to do for a living and also that I'm not particularly good at it.

Because I hear about all of those physician layoffs that are happening and how they are being replaced with over seas workers and young kids out of college. And I always hear about how older physicians can never learn and how they age out at 40...

I work with doctors and there are reasons for that. You certainly don't hear about all the docs that change their course in med school. You will never hear about layoffs in residents because they're temp anyway. Some just don't make it or don't get good enough reference to get further in the field. By now, they're approaching 30 and looking to become an attending, what you are thinking about when you think "doctor". Many will have to prove themselves by being fellows. Again, pretty much a temp job, seemingly often used to fill a doctor's position till a permanent one is chosen. Then, there's the game of where do you want to move to. Becoming an attending is easier if you're willing to move to some country hospital in a flyover state for less money, but many have ideas of where they want to live and will shoot for a position in those places, while being a float or fellow in others for years while waiting for one to open up. In the end, the number of attendings are required because that's who has to sign off reports and since they typically only hired enough to man the shifts they have, there aren't really any they can layoff unless business drops below sustainable levels. Still, there is a practice of using PAs, Fellows, and other options instead of attendings but those are usually only allowed when suitable attendings can't be found, which can take some time after one retires or leaves.

All in all, it looks very similar to how professors are being replaced by adjuncts in the academic world. Trust me, the bean counters are counting beans and making all the cuts they can. As for over seas workers, there are actually nighthawk services in India and other places that will do reads of things like x-rays and CTs, that are then sent back and rubberstamped by the loan attending hired to do that. That and that many of the doctors are from out of the country going through that entire med school, resident, fellow, attending process too.

Comment Re:Stupidity to follow: (Score 2) 209

"What's your password or you go to jail?"

"I don't remember what's my password."

"He's lying, throw him in jail!"

Five years later, released from jail because they crack the password, finding embarrassing porn, but nothing illegal.

But no compensation for throwing a man in jail for the 'crime' of a poor memory.

Wait till it happens to somebody because they found suspicious files or areas of the hard drive and just think that something is encrypted. Then demand the password to the suspected encrypted devices and there is no password.

Comment Re: interstellar mission (Score 1) 347

Which requires precision bouncing of lasers at a distance of over 4 light-years. Assuming we have powerful lasers with tight beams at that distance, we'd blast the separated sail way away from the rest pretty fast. All of the fancy laser targeting has to be done over 8 years before we know what's going on. I have my doubts.

As Frank lloyd Wright would say, "That's a problem for the engineers."

In theory it could probably be done similarly with sails at the destination as captured photons are bounced between the two sails indefinately creating a constant, increasing pressure.

Comment Re: When I don't want to change my phone (Score 1) 191

I think the people who are behind the survey realize this, but just simply object to new smartphones coming out as often as they do.

I can imagine the questions:

1.) Would you like to have a phone that does everything you want it to and never needs to be replaced?

2.) Do you think that your phone should be easy to be repaired and recycled?

Comment Re:Never trust Greenpeace (Score 1) 191

Worse than Trump?

Perhaps, but Greenpeace isn't running for President with a captive audience of roughly half the US voting population who will probably give him their votes just because they won't vote for the other candidate. So, while one might be worse, one certainly has the potential to cause much more damage.

Comment Re: interstellar mission (Score 1) 347

If only the solar sail spacecraft had some means of propulsion that could help it slow down at it's destination.

There is. As another commenter stated, to get up to interstellar speeds, it will require a laser to shoot at the solar sail. Once it is near it's destination, the sail separated and the laser is then bounced off the separated sail and back at the original probe and remaining sail to slow it down.

Comment Re:Depends on your definition of "life" (Score 1) 250

I can't buy that, either. Intelligent machines must be possible -- after all, we're just meat machines, and unless there's some divine entity handing out souls there's nothing particularly special about us naturally-evolved organisms that couldn't be duplicated in an artificial organism. So it should be possible to purpose-build intelligent machines and send them out as interstellar probes. Make it so the intelligence can hibernate for the journey by powering down.

I'm not really sold that creating intelligent machines would be the answer. Machine break down and currently have no self repair mechanisms and are not intelligent. In the end, mankind are just meat machines that are already intelligent and have the capacity for self repair. It will probably be easier to fix humanity for such journeys than to build new life from scratch. Especially since we spend so much of our research on life extension and preservation already.

Comment Re:Depends on your definition of "life" (Score 1) 250

Anyway: who in his sane mind would sent out self replicating probes, that need millennia if not millions of years to reach a single star/planet when he himself will die a few decades later?

One thought in this line of reasoning is that we will eventually migrate to space and have space habitats that mine asteroids. There is a wealth of asteroids and dwarf planets in the oort cloud and beyond. Migrating space habitats will jump from one to another mining the resources they need. Our oort cloud pretty much runs into that of neighboring stars, so we won't so much as go exploring other stars as much as nomadically end up there eventually due to pressure to find resources. Given than being close to a star is prime energy rich territory and ours will pretty much be crowded, there will be a concrete reason to migrate that way and get there first.

Comment Re:Radiation is the Deal-Breaker (Score 1) 88

Outside the Earth's magnetic field, radiation becomes the biggest buzz-kill. It's nasty out there. There's concern that even going to the moon and back exposes you to enough high-energy radiation to cause cardio-vascular disease. Mars could be lethal, not just in getting there, but also after you arrive, because Mars has no magnetosphere strong enough to provide a shield (Earth says, "you're welcome"). Any deep-space research has to solve this problem or manned missions will be a death sentence.

There are lots of deal breakers. Radiation is just one of them. Another is loss of atmosphere. Spaceships leak. The ISS has to get constant resupply of gas because the atmosphere is constantly leaking out into space. They could take more with them as supplies and no doubt will, but that just makes the entire thing heavier and harder to get there. There will have to be some significant work on seals and keeping atmosphere from escaping over the periods of time a Mars mission will take (at least 22 months) before they will be able to go. The process of building something capable of carrying at least four people to Mars will also probably need some improvements and then comes the question of moving it out of orbit and on it's way to Mars which will require some more engineering advances as it's not something we've ever done before. At least we hopefully have the living in zero-G thing worked out with study on various space stations. Still, the ISS is the most expensive human project ever, and a Mars trip will be looking at building an even higher tech one of those and then moving it out of orbit to Mats where there will be landers and then return to the station and Earth. There will be countless deal breakers out there and nobody is even really considering putting forth the money to get them done any time soon.

Comment Re:Avoid this crap (Score 1) 148

I am sorry but in no world is a piece of toast a single egg and then a single slice of tomato going to be enough food for breakfast. I get it, its probably healthier, I get it you need to consume less then your output if you want to loose weight, but my lunch is at 1 in the afternoon. a piece of bread, an egg and just a slice of tomato isn't enough food for a 8 year old.

You turn away alot of people who need to eat healthier when you absolutely minimize the portion sizes to minuscule proportions. 1 slice of whole grained bread, toasted: 65 calories 1 egg, fried: 92 calories 1 (thick) slice of tomato: 5 calories.

162 calories is NOT ENOUGH FOR BREAKFAST. Eating a breakfast like that will guarentee snacking later, which defeats the point. Source: http://www.thecaloriecounter.c...

And that is why you add rashers, mushrooms, potato cakes, beans, coffee and OJ for a full English Breakfast!

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