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Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

If somoene want to be more 'socially acceptable' then how about not reading texts at all in social situations, how about people, I dunno, pay attention to the people they're with, rather than retreating into their smartphones like some 12-year old who is bored with the adults' after-dinner conversation?

I can tell you've never worked in a position that required being on call.

Comment Re:Moronic argument (Score 1) 1127

-the abuse is largely a myth as always has been. the famous "welfare queen" Reagan talked about? a single middle class white woman who was caught and sent to jail. though the image in most conservatives minds is an unmarried black women with a dozen kids (re: racism). in reality, for the reasons state above, she actually isn't like to be receiving any TANF.

Linda Taylor was a white con artist probably posing as more than 80 people who was also into child kidnapping and possibly murder. She has never been convicted of anything if the following internet article can be believed.

Comment Re:So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

ISIS wants to enslave or kill anyone not a Muslim to their standards. Our appeasement strategy will not work no matter how ethical we are.

The only way to end the threat of Islamic takeover of the world, next year or in 20 centuries, is to annihilate Islam root and branch. Turning Iran into a radioactive wasteland would be a good start.

You say you don't want to appease ISIL, but then say we should nuke their main adversary, Iran. Sicne you're not an AC, I'll just assume you're clueless.

Comment Re:Since discredited (Score 2) 236

The claim isn't that robots have no use or that humans are better for exploration. Strictly speaking it only claims that there is some exploration that only humans can do well.

Yes, we could get lots of science done fairly quickly by putting a couple of people on Mars for a few months. However, it still comes down to that for the resources it would take to do that, we could put hundreds of robots on Mars that could work for years, each doing their own little specialized job, and do more science and get the results sooner.

I hope we do send men to Mars but I seriously think people do not realize how much that will actually take to do and how long it will take. The ISS is the most expensive project mankind has worked on and it hasn't even left orbit. It's resupply missions don't have to leave orbit. It doesn't have to deal with deep space radiation. It doesn't have to support it's own independent landing and launch facilities. etc. etc. etc.

Comment Another Reminder (Score 4, Insightful) 465

Remember that "on the cloud" just means "on somebody else's server". They may say you'll never lose it, but they have been known to lie, or go under, or change their service. Remember the Sidekick which advertised all your phone data would be in the cloud and backed up so you'd never risk losing it?

Comment Re:Author living on another planet? (Score 1) 726

Did the person who wrote TFA even look for consistency in their article?

I'm guessing it's just an example of internet outrage journalism. Coming up with supported and well thought out content is hard, takes work, and doesn't get that much viral play. Coming up with something that demeans something else and is essentially wrong, will be posted throughout the interwebs by people ranting about how it is wrong and correcting them. It's just like the days of usenet. Well researched posts will be the only post in a thread and fade to obscurity, while bullshit garbage will result in internet flame wars that will go down in legend. In these days of needing to collect eyes and clicks for advertising, web sites are filling themselves with bullshit garbage because that gets those in spades.

Comment Re:An article in search of a problem (Score 1) 726

Nowadays, you can build a usable gaming rig out of new parts for $500-ish, and from used parts for what, $250, tops?

Nowadays, for the past ten years even, you just put word out to the people you know and somebody will probably have a suitable computer and give it to you because that's simpler than trying to dispose of electronics otherwise.

Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 2) 387

The most obvious example in physics is Galileo - whose idea of the sun being the center of the solar system was deemed quite absurd by the orthodoxy of his time - yet turned out to be true.

A better one for the modern age would be anti-matter. It was proposed simply because the math allowed it. A few years later, they had experimental evidence of it.

Comment Re:Gros Michel is not economically viable anymore (Score 1) 474

That is a good point! When I go to the grocery there are anywhere from 8 to 20 varieties of apples depending on season, why can't I have a variety of bananas to choose from?

You can if you go to an asian grocery. Even my neighborhood QFC carries plantains and some other bananas occationally.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 170

Will the 2016 Mac minis be as pathetic as the 2014 models?

Currently, it looks like the 2016 Mac minis will be the exact same model as the 2014 model. It's been almost two years without and update. Even worse on the Mac Pro side of things as it's getting near three years. Cook says that they expect users to upgrade their computer every three years, but we're certainly not going to do it when they are literally the same model when it comes time. I can deal with a lot of things such as loss of ports, but I expect at least yearly updates.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 293

Between WWW and Streaming video you've got 99.9999% of all internet traffic. Your SSH session or video game isn't even a single percentage of internet traffic. For all intents and purposes the internet is the WWW and streaming..

I'm not so sure about that. Business interfaces are a lot of automated traffic handling a lot of data 24/7/365. While most is restricted to the LAN, many businesses communicate between each other. Banks, for example, are constantly talking to each other in what would not be WWW or steaming video. Same goes for government departments, hospitals and other businesses with multiple sites, vendor/client application communication, etc. Then there's still email. However, looking around briefly, I can't really seem to find decent data on what is what.

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