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Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 65

I come from former communist state, we had one cosmonaut in space getting a hitchhike along the Russians. I knew that whatever I would do I have no chance to go to space. Watching shuttle flying was like watching scifi movie. In comparison to russian rockets it looked incredibly cool and modern, almost futuristic.

You Americans have no idea how lucky you are with working space program.

Comment Re:Maybe we'll get lucky (Score 1) 107

There's no reason not to.

There is one:

We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Comment Re:Haught isn't in favor of creationism (Score 1) 717

And yet they immediately believe Coyne over Haught, even though Coyne's story makes no sense and is not supported by any evidence.

If you have two children, one that always says truth and gives reasonable explanations and the other which always lies and states things without any backing up who would you believe more?

You can't trust theologists, they make things up.

Comment Re:How long until... (Score 1) 185

English really is a simple language. Below you have some questions in Polish. Try to translate them into English:

1. Mialem samochod. (I had a car - subject is male)
2. Mialam samochod. (I had a car - subject is female)
3. Mialo samochod. (I had a car - subject is not a male or female, it can be a child or a thing)

You can't do it in any simple way.

PS. I had to replace some characters because Slashdot doesn't support Unicode.

Comment Re:Monthly cost of a Windows Phone (Score 1) 181

I'm amazed no one has come out with a smartphone using a separate battery or some firmware that lets you do "whatever the manufacturer allows" down to 50% and then voice telephone only for the bottom 50% of battery capacity. I'm sure there is a expensive patent preventing it.

WP7 does that. I am not sure if you can set the power treshold.

Comment Re:No stars in the photo! (Score 1) 269

If we survive the next century, maybe we'll have developed technology that will bring that cost down;[...]

Progress it's not something which developes by itself. You have to actively develop cheap rockets to make them cheap. You can't just sit and wait for cheap rockets.

If you campare money spent on all US wars (after WW2) to money spent on NASA you will have to agree it's much better to invest all the money into space race than into arms race.

Comment Re:Two can play it that game (Score 1) 243

Downloading always was and still is legal. It's uploading which is not. And if you use torrents to download you distribute what you just downloaded. That's the real problem of using torrent. You can't sue people who downloaded from cyberlocker (which is why TPB goes for this model now), you can only sue uploader.

As I understand this artist used bittorrent to download so he can be sued.

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