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Submission + - Strip searches of the mind: Laptop border searches (lextechnologiae.com)

pacergh writes: "The government can search your laptop with no warrant, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion at the border. Law journal articles have argued that reasonable suspicion should be required. This article examines the origins of this fourth amendment exception and why folks should think about it before traveling abroad."

Submission + - RIM CEO Storms Out of BBC Interview (ibtimes.com) 1

RedEaredSlider writes: The chief executive of Research In Motion, walked out of an interview with the BBC after a reporter asked him about whether the company had resolved its issues over security with several governments.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones asked about "arguments" with the Indian government and various governments in the Middle East. "Is that anywhere near being sorted out?" he asked.

Lazaridis said "That's just not fair," and said the question implied that RIM has a "security problem." "We have no security problem."


Submission + - ALA Top 10 List of Books Americans Want Censored (ala.org)

krou writes: The American Library Association has released their "Top Ten List of the Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010". In at number one is 'And Tango Makes Three', which tells the true story of two male Emperor Penguins hatching and parenting a baby chick at New York’s Central Park Zoo. Making an appearance at number three is Aldous Huxley's Brave New World because of 'Insensitivity, Offensive Language, Racism, Sexually Explicit' content.
Desktops (Apple)

'Back To the Mac' Media Event On October 20th 349

Kildjean writes "Engadget reports that Apple has issued invitations for a special media event to be held next Wednesday, October 20th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The invitation for the event, which is to be held at the company's campus in Cupertino, California, carries the tagline 'Back to the Mac.' The invitation also contains an image of what appears to be a lion peeking out from behind the Apple logo, hinting at discussion of Mac OS X 10.7. 'Lion' has been one of the most commonly-suggested 'big cat' names for the next-generation operating system. Much of Apple's notebook line with the exception of the entry-level MacBook is due for a refresh, and Apple has refreshed at least a portion of its notebook line each October or November for the last several years. Apple's desktop offerings have all been updated relatively recently, suggesting that the company's media event may focus on notebooks if new hardware is included on the agenda."

Submission + - EA Stock Takes a Plunge After MoH Reviews

lbalbalba writes: The Electronic Arts stock took a plunge of roughly 6% after the reviews for Medal of Honor were published yesterday. The stock was previously “inflated” the amount of hype that EA has been putting into the Medal of Honor series reboot, but none of that hype can make up for a mediocre game. While the game has received generally positive reviews across the boards, the scores don’t quite match up to the hype surrounding the game or our expectations.

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Submission + - Newspaper Endorses Same Candidate It's Suing (techdirt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Remember Righthaven? The copyright troll owned by the owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal? You may remember, then, that Righthaven had sued Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle for posting LVRJ stories on her site. At the same time, LVRJ has been having its execs talk about how copyright infringement is no different than garden variety theft. So... doesn't it seem a bit odd that the LVRJ is endorsing the very same candidate that it sued for such "theft"?

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