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Comment Game Map Makers Rejoice... (Score 1) 70

Wouldn't it be great - tweak this with GPS data or something similar, and then find some building that you think would be great for your multiplayer game. Simply walk around the building with a laptop and a Kinect, and after a few sweeps the software models the interior which you could use to import into your map editor...

Saturn's Strange Hexagon Recreated In the Lab 103

cremeglace writes "Saturn boasts one of the solar system's most geometrical features: a giant hexagon encircling its north pole. Though not as famous as Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Saturn's Hexagon is equally mysterious. Now researchers have recreated this formation in the lab using little more than water and a spinning table—an important first step, experts say, in finally deciphering this cosmic mystery. More details, including a cool demo video, at ScienceNOW."

Comment Re:Should be (Score 1) 572

No, sorry...TW sucks and I am actually more than happy now that I dropped them and am receiving OTA HD which is not only free but better quality than TW's, as well as what other shows I need off the Internet. I got a letter from a collection agency a mere two months after the last bill was unpaid -- if I didn't hate them before, I do now even more -- which I didn't think was possible. The only way I can hate them more now is if I found out the CEO of TW anally raped my grandmother...

Comment Big. Fucking. Deal. (Score 1, Troll) 141

Don't know how this is news. Anyone who concentrates on something hard enough will get it eventually, age doesn't matter. It seems silly to people in America maybe because kids now are too interested in jacking their brains into Xbox Live and their iPhones. I used to be heavy into that stuff as well... but then I got a social life and found out early on that life is way too short to waste your life completely on it. Do it for fun or for your job, but if you eat, live and breathe it, it will destroy you. Oh and having sex became priority number one...

Comment Self-importance = low self-esteem (Score 3, Insightful) 487

The guy with a Mac sitting at Starbucks blogging about his new car. The dude at the bar with a bluetooth headset in his ear while he's not even on the phone. They guy tooling down the street with a Segway to get to the Apple store for the new iPhone. They all fit into the category of 'look at me, I'm important, please take notice of this so I can feel better about myself.'

The kid with the netbook directly jacking into the school server to change his grades. The Navy Seal with the headset and mic relaying position information. They dude on the skateboard doing an ollie over some trash while trying to get to work on time. They're all doing something functional, and look pretty damn cool doing it.
The Media

Obama Photog Says "You're Both Wrong" To AP & Fairey 222

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In Fairey v. Associated Press, the Associated Press said artist Shepard Fairey's painting had infringed its copyrights in a photo of then-President Elect Barack Obama. Fairey said no, it was a 'fair use'. Now, the freelance photographer who actually took the AP photo — Manuel Garcia — has sought permission to intervene in the case, saying that both the AP and Fairey are wrong. Garcia's motion (PDF) protests that he, not AP, is the owner of the copyright in the photograph, and that he never relinquished it to AP. And he argues that Fairey is not entitled to a fair use defense. According to an article in TechDirt, this intervention motion by Mr. Garcia represents a changed attitude on his part, and that his initial reaction to Mr. Fairey's painting was admiration, and a desire for an autographed litho. Maybe Mr. Fairey should have given him that autographed litho."

Comment Re:They asked for it (Score 1) 630

People will NOT obey an unjust law. When corporations declare that they sold you a license instead of a product and start turning off access to what the customer paid for...well, you reap what you sow. There are not enough lawyers out there to sue everyone who downloads. Ask the RIAA if you don't believe me.

Ask anyone who lived during the Prohibition era as well...

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