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Data Storage

Submission + - Vinyl LPs first better-than-gigabyte storage?

biscuit nipple writes: Some coworkers and I were just knocking about the idea of a gramabyte. Considering the average CD is about 700meg for 44.1/16bit, and LPs were essentially infinite resolution, is it possible that they were maybe the first possibly multi-gigabyte storage devices?

Submission + - Authenticating to Active Directory Using JAAS ( 2

amattas writes: "Anyone who has ever tried to authenticate to Active Directory using the default LDAP realm in Glassfish or Sun Java System Application Server knows that is is near impossible. This is due to Microsoft thinking its a good idea to default the display name of a user to Last, First; this causes their LDAP distinguished name to be 'CN=Last\, First,OU=Group,OU=People,DC=doman,DC=com' and as you can imagine that most LDAP implementations do not like that extra comma. Because of this a custom JAAS realm was written to allow proper authentication to Active Directory and add support for nested groups."

Submission + - Medical Records as Google Docs

shura57 writes: "I was in the doctor's office today and, to my amazement, saw parts of my medical record in a Google Docs spreadsheet opened in the doctor's browser. Apparently it helps the doctor to work across several medical campuses. However, I don't find it a good reason for having my private data on Google's servers. When I choose to use Google service, I am doing (or not doing) it with my eyes open. How does this go together with privacy regulations like HIPAA?"

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