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IBM to Adopt ODF for Lotus Notes 205

Mike Barton writes to tell us InfoWorld is reporting IBM has announced that the upcoming version of Lotus Notes, due out this fall, will feature an "ODF-compatible version of OpenOffice embedded in the Notes e-mail application." IBM hopes that this large scale distribution of the ODF standard will help bolster their foothold in the marketplace since "standards live or die on how many people use them"

Microsoft Admits to Hiding Flaw Details 147

Spongeform writes "eWeek has an interview with a Microsoft security official admitting to hiding details on software vulnerabilities that are discovered internally. The reason? Microsoft believes that full disclosure of every security-related product change only serves to aid attackers. However, companies using host-based IPS that rely on flaw information to build signatures are basically left at risk because of Microsoft's silent fixes."

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