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Comment Re: Suggestions anyone? (Score 1) 457

It's pretty clear they don't want that shaky legal ground tested in the Supreme Court with public opinion against them.

I think you are missing the point, the original statement of no reason was that there were easier alternatives to a lie to reach the same end. No need to setup this elaborate lie with a commercial third party in another part of the world, with all the risk that the lie could be exposed - you'll have little or no control over what that foreign party does.

As to if public opinion is truly against them, I would unfortunately suspect the vast majority of people don't care one way or another and a fairly large proportion of those don't really understand the issues at stake.

Comment Re:When will people learn? (Score 1) 287

Where are all those players today?

Although I agree with your underlying point that there are many factors involved so boiling it down to price/performance isn't sensible, I can't understand the rest of your point. Where are they now, well I guess the same could be said of the ipod (I assume it's still sold, but I doubt in the quantities it was) a quick search of amazon shows various for sale. I'm sure the overall number is less and I'm sure that there are some that have left the market, that's device convergence for you most/many use their phones for that these days so the standalone players have taken a lesser role. And in terms of overall sales (i.e. volume) "Apple wouldn't be kicking the crap out of all the other mobile players" is a bit of distortion -

Comment Re:Because China is not asking for the same thing (Score 2) 238

China has NOT (yet) asked Apple to build a custom version of the OS that (a) bypasses the unlock count check, and (b) provides for an automated way to try pin code entry.

You say that with a great deal of certainty. Do you really think you'd know if it were the case?

Ultimately Apple is a commercial entity in it for the profit and it'll adapt to what's profitable in the region it's working in.

Comment Re:Ask your friend (Score 1) 191

There is a difference between "noticed" and "went looking for", my assumption is that the friend actually went looking for it, knows which sites are "sketchy" etc. My point merely was that if you trust the friend enough to know how to do this, know what they are looking for etc. then they also would be the ones to give you further advice. This person has far more information than everyone guessing here.

Comment Ask your friend (Score 2) 191

"That, and a friend who noticed a lot of strange activity coming from my phone's IP"

Sound's like your friend is a load more steps ahead than the rest of us, who have none of the information he was working to. He noticed somehow (no detail here), and he know which sites and which he believes are sketchy. Sounds like the best source of help is this friend.

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