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Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 1) 553

I doubt very much that I could come up with a function to balance a tree out of the blue with no prep or review

Really? You just walk the tree, and return false if any leaf is deeper than the others.

"Deeper"? There are multiple definitions of balanced. The usual meaning of balanced is if the difference in the number of nodes is no more than 1. Depth difference is usually AVL balanced (named after G.M. Adelson-Velsky and E.M. Landis). So, there are an arbitrary set of "balancing" rules. He could have, in theory just returned true. Or false....

Comment Re:Both ways? (Score 2) 84

Being a big company, Apple has many to be careful not to use its size to kill companies. Simply put, if Apple wants A123's tech and it can simply provide key A123 employees an offer they can't refuse, it gives them an unfair advantage and they can do this to any company. A company the size of Apple is able to do this many times over and it simply becomes an unstoppable monopoly which goes against the the whole spirit of capitalism when one company can control everything.

Comment Re:Phone Luddites & Careers (Score 1) 851

I got my first mobile phone in 1999. It was because the job required it. The very first day I had the phone, my car broke down and I the phone was a rather very convenient device.

I was a phone luddite. I didn't want to be strung to the rest of the world by the hip. Dude, you can turn the phone off any time. I don't have to use it.

Now, 11 years on. I have a Galaxy Nexus, I run My Tracks almost every day, I browse web sites, take photos and videos, do navigation and occasionally make a phone call.

I get to do what I want to do better. Sweet!

Comment Re:Google letting me down (Score 1) 385

I've noticed lately that google isn't nearly as sharp at finding the results I want. If I search for terms 'x', 'y', and 'z', google will sometimes give me a page with terms 'x' and 'y' but not 'z'. 'z' is on pages that link to the results, but google doesn't tell me this. If there are no pages with 'x', 'y', and 'z' on them then so be it, but don't give me pages that I don't want.

rant over.

You can "fix" this. You can type +x +y +z and it will only give results that contain all of x, y and z. There are a few other "operators" you can use.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Not so) (Score 1) 279

My son has Asperger's too. I think you need to read up alot more on the kinds of issues that surround persons with AS. There are a huge number of journal articles you should get familiar with to make sure you keep your son out of trouble. Asperger’s Syndrome in Forensic Settings Is just one of many. A recent one by Ian Freckelton and David List, Asperger’s Disorder, Criminal Responsibility and Criminal Culpability gives a very good summary on the issues an AS sufferer has with the Criminal Justice System.

If you truly care about your son, you will take the time to get informed as the CJS can screw with an AS sufferer in ways that will make you sick.

Comment Managers playing engineers caused challenger (Score 1) 236

... But I think I'm a bit wiser today, having maybe learned that the bleeding edge is sometimes literal.

I'm not exactly sure what you think you maybe learned but both shuttle disasters were caused by management overriding engineers and making engineering decisions.

It's not uncommon that managers in stressful situations somehow loose faith in engineers and make their own engineering decisions. All too often this happens, perhaps the consequences are often not dire but it regularly causes major issues. There is an endless list of them. Google for "challenger bhopal engineering management" and you will find endless discussions on them. Needless to say the report on the Challenger disaster points its finger directly at the management - alas it did little to remedy the situation having another shuttle disaster happen only a few years later again with management not listening to engineers and overriding their recommendations.

Comment Re:OMG save the children (Score 0) 541

... Easily worth the trade off. ...

The question is not whether vaccination should be abolished, the question is whether the vaccination regime should be changed to avoid complications.

Perhaps we can introduce a vaccination regime where we gradually vaccinate for one disease at at time rather than the cocktail done now.

Perhaps we can wait to vaccinate until signs of autism should be apparent.

There also seems to be newer tools for diagnosing autism, perhaps we can study these before and after vaccinations.

I'd like to know if these types of alternatives have been considered rather than this black/white vaccinate/not rant.

Comment Re:Microsoft and Google (Score 3, Informative) 99

You are flaming, right? Let me give you the benefit of the doubt. Let's compare the two.
  • Google fesses up to it's mistake, Microsoft fights. If it was not for Google owning up to the error, no-one would have known, while Microsoft tried hard to keep quiet comments like "Knife the Baby".
  • Google made no financial advantage from this while Microsoft made a whole business by killing competitors using it's monopoly advantage.
  • Google did not intend to breach privacy laws, Microsoft knew and were warned on previous occasions that they were to stop the practice.
  • It's not really clear that Google really breached the law, the information they collected was in the clear, i.e. if you go yelling you account numbers and passwords from the rooftops and someone with taking a family video records inadvertently, I suggest that it's hard to prove that the cameraman is at fault. Microsoft was found guilty and convicted of its crime.

... just to point out a few, I can go on if you like.

I think it's important to compare like cases if you don't want to be marked a troll.

Comment Not the first time to happen in Australia (Score 2, Interesting) 227

The laws in Australia are ridiculously thin when it comes to dealing with this kind of theft. I dare say that the agent is a tad bit liable for selling the mans house and may want to invoke their liability insurance.

Real estate agents in Australia are a cowboys compared to the agents I dealt with in the US and yes, I have experience with both.

The Courts

Lineage II Addiction Lawsuit Makes It Past the EULA 267

We recently discussed a man who sued NCsoft for making Lineage II "too addictive" after he spent 20,000 hours over five years playing it. Now, several readers have pointed out that the lawsuit has progressed past its first major hurdle: the EULA. Quoting: "NC Interactive has responded the way most software companies and online services have for more than a decade: it argued that the claims are barred by its end-user license agreement, which in this case capped the company's liability to the amount Smallwood paid in fees over six months prior to his filing his complaint (or thereabouts). One portion of the EULA specifically stated that lawsuits could only be brought in Texas state court in Travis County, where NC Interactive is located. ... But the judge in this case, US District Judge Alan C. Kay, noted that both Texas and Hawaii law bar contract provisions that waive in advance the ability to make gross-negligence claims. He also declined to dismiss Smallwood's claims for negligence, defamation, and negligent infliction of emotional distress."

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