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Comment Re:Posner (Score 1) 390

When the question is "How is this a new problem?" in internet related discussions, the answer is always "Because pre-internet, it was so annoying to do, that nobody did. Nowadays, everybody can do so in no time".

Some laws are based on assumptions on how things work, and when things stop working that way, the laws break..

It's like encryption: RSA (for instance) is assumed to be secure, because it is damn annoying to factor large numbers into large primes. When that assumption breaks, the algorithm breaks.

There are always two ways to view these cases: internetophiles think that things that was possible offline should continue to be possible online, internetophobes think that things that was possible offline should continue to be possible offline. In this case, should fair use of written works continue to work like it already does, which might mean sacrificing the journalistic profession, or should the journalistic profession (which, unlike record executives, is an important one) be saved, which would mean making fair use in written text work like it already does in music and films (where it's called "sampling", and requires explicit permission).

I do think he's wrong, but I would never agree to debate the issue with him, because he has some pretty good arguments to use...

Comment Re:What about Python? (Score 1) 288

One advantage of using Javascript is that it doesn't already have a standard library that can do anything for you. This is a feature, since Glib can do those things for you already: if you mix too much, you'll run into inconsistencies (example: Gnome's virtual filesystems are really neat, and if your application uses Gio for file access, Gnome's virtual filesystems will be completely transparent. If you use Python's open(), everything will break). This is the kind of stuff everybody learns the hard way: by using a language without a built-in standard library, people can't do that mistake.

Another is obviously that all web developers "know" javascript, which some hope will bring more developers to Gnome.

Comment Re:I'm not really seeing the similarity (Score 1) 227

16px * 16px * 256 colors = 65536 favicons. A lot of them looks like shit.

Typing "number of companies united states" into my firefox awesomebar takes me to http://www.manta.com/mb, which claims it has "over 13 million company profiles for businesses in the United States." I think there may be an additional company or two in Europe, Asia and Oceania, and there might be a few non-commercial websites.

Not all of those has a web page, and not all of those who do has a favicon, but...

Comment Re:Buy European? No chance. (Score 1) 640

While I don't know many German engineers, I've met plenty of German computer geeks at conferences. There are definitely some that don't speak English (or refuse to), and even more who've got... interesting pronunciation.

But I thought it would be obvious that I'm making fun of stereotypes in grandparent post. The last time I was in Germany, I kept trying to order food in German, but everyone just kept answering me in English when they heard my horrible German - I'm not dumb enough not to understand that if the immigrants who own pizza places speak English, engineers probably do too.

Comment Re:Buy European? No chance. (Score 0, Troll) 640

Being European, I would strongly advice against buying an Airbus.

Trust me. You do not want to go French. You do not want to have to contact the French for support.

There's one thing that's worse, though: going half French, half German. You do not want to rely on something half built by French, who, due to them being French, won't speak anything but French, and half built by Germans, who due to being German will speak German, as well as English that really is as poor as Hollywood says it is when they make fun of the Germans.

It always comforts me to fly Boeing, when I know that the engineers could at least explain to each other what they were doing.

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