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Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 1) 396

G2 does not have official ICS. Updates stopped at 2.3.6. Current iteration of ICS for G2 is limited to the 2.6.x Linux kernel, which leads to other issues. JB lacks a camera and a reasonable experience on the G2, but those will sort themselves out.

EDGE is a poor experience. :)

I understand the points you're trying to make, and I'm merely checking out the competition. It's nice to see WP8 become a player, because it just means the other OS options will continue getting better.

Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 1) 396

International version won't get LTE on AT&T, won't get T-Mobile US at all.

My G2 is running ICS as well, but as I said, hack after hack. It sucks that no W7 devices will get W8, but they're offering some level of compatibility, and the first devices made it through 3-4 versions before going away. Even the Nexus One didn't achieve that.

Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 1) 396

Note, I'm in the US, so the S3 and One X are both crippled here, so by comparison, the Lumia looks great. I'm not seeing that the Lumia 920 has AMOLED -- it has the "PureMotion HD+" IPS display. The 820 stays with the AMOLED display, which is notably darker and grainier than the 920's display.

Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 1) 396

Yes, but only the Nexus devices get reasonable update cadence, so much like the iPhone, if you don't like that one form factor, you're boned. I admit that some of my frustration is based on the fact that HTC and Samsung currently have devices with much better specs than the current top of the line Nexus device, and lips have been sealed on what's next from the Nexus line. I'm hoping these announcements make something appear, and hopefully, they aren't like the middling device that's been rumored as the upcoming refresh of the Galaxy Nexus.

Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 0, Redundant) 396

Actually, as an Android power user who was completely uninterested in WP7, this phone and the OS actually have me itching to try it out and see if it's worth it. I've become bored and annoyed with an ecosystem that relies on hack upon hack just to keep your phone useful after a year. I love that part of it, but it'd sure be an interesting trick to start seeing reasonable OS updates.

Comment Low bar for entry (Score 4, Insightful) 137

So an article lacking knowledge of the technologies, any sort of testing, anything beyond "make install" or "apt-get install", will make it to the Slashdot homepage? This person openly admits that they didn't test ZFS beyond creating a zpool, and they don't know enough about DTrace to try... anything.

As an aside, why was Linux capitalized, but Solaris was not?

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