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Comment Pro's/Cons (Score 0) 140

1) Quicker
2) Don't have to type
3) Coolness factor (good for looking cool the FIRST time anyone else sees yo do it, after that... dork)

1) You have an open mike, letting the company spy on everything you say. On a device that also tracks your web browsing and physical location. And you pay THEM for this???
2) Everyone else can also hear what you say. So it's not just the company, it's everyone else spying on you also.
3) And they don't want to spy on you, instead you are simply the annoying shmuck making way too much noise.
3) It actually takes more time, to do than to type (assuming you are a fast typist)

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 558

Ya, I spotted it immediately. He was really brave when he was sure he wouldn't have to do it. Kind of like all the people who claim they'll leave the country over [insert socio-political atrocity]. If they ever followed through, it would really be a newsworthy event.

Comment Re:So Oracle discriminated (Score 5, Insightful) 313

It is true that the article is written poorly, but Oracle is in fact discriminating against everybody. This is true of many companies.

The way it works is simple:
The managers are racist. They pay X group more - usually white men.

But the company does not WANT to pay a lot of money. So the Hiring managers are told to actively find people that are not white men. Then they offer these hiring less money.

To work like this it requires a wide spread racism among hiring companies combined with a slightly desperate population.

Honestly, if they stop there, it's not that bad. They sift off the cream of desperate people, helping them out. Theoretically the company would end up dominated by the disadvantaged group.

But it doesn't stop. What happens next is the real problem, internal discrimination.:

When it comes time to promote people, they only promote the X group (white men). After all. those were the people getting paid the most and who, because of internal discrimination, were given both the best opportunities and the most credit.

So you end up with a racist company paying X group more, while proudly proclaiming how many minorities they hire - even while they underpay them.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 300

So many macbook owners have been waiting 5-6 years screaming for new tech and apple is failing to deliver.

Should have bought a MacBook Pro ;) I've got a 17in MBP that's over five years old, and it's still an awesome machine. I do all my Lightroom work in it for instance. I've also got an old MBP that turns nine next month - it's still good for email, browsing and playing music, but I'm beginning to think an SSD would have been a good upgrade a couple of years ago!. These Macs can last for a long time, which is why 16GB seems way too little for a new machine.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 498

Let me field that answer. They'll use it, just like organizations kept using WinXP pre-SP3, until the new Director of IT came along and said "Are you fucking kidding me?! What incompetent idiot let you stay unpatched and critically open to everything that has come along in the last fucking decade?! Oh, the same one who thought it's a great idea to never upgrade hardware, despite your staff barely surviving on machines that crash daily, or catch fire like those two did last week."

Comment He cheated OTHER players (Score 5, Insightful) 405

When you play baccarat, you are playing against other customers, never the Casino's money.

Did the casino return the money to the other PLAYERS he cheated?

Or did they simply keep the ill-gotten gains?

Also, he deserved to keep the money he won in other games. That was bull. Money is fungible, he made those bets and won.

Comment Busses, Street Sweepers and Garbage Trucks (Score 3, Insightful) 79

They drive the same route day after day, they don't need to go fast, they are either owned by the city or by companies that have major relationships with the city so they can avoid major regulatory hurdles.

These are the obvious first adopters of driverless technology.

2020 should see a quick reduction in the number of bus and similar drivers.

By the time I retire, I hope to be able to afford one of those high end driverless cars.

Comment noticing a flaw in the cards is NOT "too good". (Score 1) 2

He noticed a flaw in the casino's preferred cards and took advantage of that. The fact that the casino agreed to which set of cards to use does not negate the fact that this person cheated the people he was playing against.

Being skilled and smart should be rewarded, but being unethical should be punished.

Note, the casino should have returned the money to the people that lost, the article did not mention if they did that.

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