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Comment Re:The way to do it (Score 1) 222

-> Are you being ironic? That s how almost how the european credit cards works since 2 decades, actually it is much more powerfull that what you describe.

Bruce Schneier pointed out the real solution years ago. If your card has some processing power and a display (which this solution has), just add a keypad (similar to a calculator in credit-card size).
->When you insert your card into a terminal, that what you get, a keypad plus a screen

The keypad is for a pin. The owner keys in the pin, the card generates a one-time-use credit card number,
->CC cards generate unique transaction id already
  and the waiter/salesman can take the card to the back and swipe it or whatever. When the card is lost, the thieves won't know the pin. If the number is copied, it can't be used beyond the first sale.
->You actually don't give your card to the waiter, waiters have a wireless terminal they give you, it kinda goes faster

You can even use this on a computer peripheral.
->with the cc actually you can, it s kind of computer in itself. If you could hack a CC protocol, we'have a lot of other problems

The software on the card is fixed and can't be hacked.
-> that's the case

Multiple accounts can be stored on one card, so you only need one card instead of multiple credit cards in your wallet.
->thats the case, but banks dont like to share so issued cards only allow yoi to choose from accounts from your issuing bank

Of course, the thieves can kidnap the owner, but that's not the problem this addresses.
->either do EU cc cards. ( for stolen cards, nowadays for internet transaction your bank text you a temporary code to input in addition to your card number).
->Contactless payement added few years ago is a convenience which would allow to steal 45€max

A smart card with pin on the card prevents all kinds of copying, skimming, lost cards, even online accounts.
->EU CC cards as well, as a bonus they do actually exists

Since we're switching to smart cards, I don't know why we simply haven't switched to the final solution.
-> neither do i

Comment i think this is mostly related to arch (Score 1) 54

Why this makes the news? Short explanation because every poster before asked
Arch users fells the urge to speak about their distro, they re very vocal about it.

I ll be downvoted to hell. But yes, arch users think themselves superior like in "arch is the first distro to ..." , "arch power users..." , "popular, lightweight and highly customizable Arch Linux". Digging a bit more you ll realise
- It s mostly 1-2 years old linux users, amazed that they can use a command-line and paste wiki infos into it. Congratulating each others and globally pushing each other to use it.
- peoples will like to see their package management and how it handle stuff like downgrading, not upgrading too often, release cycle, review mechanism, security management, security patches for yesterday version, the famous AUR repository and it s security, the less bloated packages which are actually more bloated.

To be fair the distro also has some advantages but it s not the silver bullet its users like to tell

Comment How it is in france (Europe) (Score 1) 675

I got chip and pin since > 15Years, can t remember the exact date at that point. And that existed even before, just i had not one.
I don t remember my parents doing any doing swipe and sign after primary school, i am like 35, that gives you an idea of how long that stuff exists here.

Some terminals were slow when i was young. I think it was because they were on dialup and a connection had to be established each time. Also the chip+terminal can establish how much the transaction is secure and ask for bank confirmation. Nowadays i don't go to very small stores anymore, mainly supermarkets and have a bank account not in the red, so the question doesn't ask itself anymore.

A typical transaction takes the time to
find the card in you wallet and Insert your card (that's the longest part)
Notice that that the terminal asks for pin, it s either instant, or you inserted it the wrong way and flip your card.
Type your pin, then wait like 2-3 sec.
Then it says transaction accepted, please remove your card and you leave

At any point you may withdraw your card if it s before you type your pin, or very fast, before it says to remove your card. That will cancel the transaction.
At any point you may also make a pause have a chat with the clerk

Nowadays it s even faster, but more confusing at once. Because your ship is actually a computer, it can store the amont of transaction you have and know your account balance and stuff, it can also do different type of transactions, require different levels of validation and consider some stores more secure than others.

We now have wireless mode, for all intent and purpose, it s instant (maybe actually 0.5sec), you have no pin to type and no good card direction, just hover it over the terminal if it has a wifi like logo.
The card can authorize at max 3 of theses in a row, each accounting for a max amount of 15€, before needing a standard transaction ( which lasts 3 sec as explained before)

Two things i am unsure are linked to a chip card.
A payment at the the gaz station is made before using the pump and the card make an autorisation of up to 100 or 200€, that amount is withheld your bank account until midnight, at which time the real payement is done. And during the rest of the day your card remember this. You can not do 10 gaz station or flee without paying.
Some cards are debit AND credit, there s an additional menu on the terminal that appear and it ask you to pay a credit or cash.

Comment Re:No one on call in France? (Score 1) 259

French here, see my previous post

There are companies in France, basically doing on call for free, where do you go, France or US?
Hence why they are trying to pass a low.

If somone would call me right now (friday 21h49), chances are that i would answer, i am trying to change that, but that s the way we do it.
If somone call me, then that must be a big issue, took only 30 min, let s not do the paperwork for it. Then peoples expect to do it for free, again see my previous post.

Comment I am french, but i think it's everywhere the same (Score 5, Interesting) 259

Previous posters are corrects, the goal is to stop abuse and a situation which is becoming too common and too abusive.
If there's no immediate urgency, just wait for the day after, else put shifts or an on call team.
That costs money , but the company is actually working for an extended time, and most likely making more money, so better officialise it.

If you re worrying about the well being of you re company, you ll just answer late at night thinking it might important. Then it will become a habit and you ll do it everyday. And peoples knowing that you'll answer will contact you more often. I had on duty peoples phoning me when i wasn't on call the week end. At one point i had phone calls every week end, not making any money from it, because i was not "officially" on duty.

Peoples didn't take this habit to call me, from one day to another, it took a few years. And that s what the other poster is referring to. Once it becomes the norm, peoples who don't answer the week end, get marked as not interested in their work, but they aren't paid either to do this either. And yes at one point it becomes the norm for the whole job branch to be reachable 24/24.

Then why takes expensive contracts with super fast SLA and everything if peoples answer all the time? The whole market get screwed. At one point they try to officialise what should be the norm and what is not, and answering emails outside of your workshift is not .*

I am working in a company where peoples take 0 break, that's their norm. I am smoker, i always take a 5 min smoke break the morning and the afternoon (all very dutyfully metered with my token.
My opinion : my back hurts as hell, i need a mental break, taking a 5 min break won't hurt my productivity. I work (mesured with my token) an average 7h20 per day, when i am paid for 7.
My coworkers opinion : i am a lazy guy always taking breaks. I stopped answering phone calls the WE (si i can try to have a life, social activities and such), so i am not cooperative.

The law opinion : every 4 hours period of time needs a 10 min break and every employee working more than x% of their time in front of a computer (i think it s 75%, me : 95%) must have a 5 min activity every hour that they dont do on a computer. And whatever you try to turn it to, the week end is a no no.
My interpretation of that law ( and there's not much room for interpretation ) : The 5 min break is an activity that would involves me, not being at my desk and being one which is the decision of my employer (there's none). I should take longer break the afternoon to reach 10 min and 0 the morning, obviously, leave earlier.

What i still do, being passionate about my job and i shouldn't do: Check my office mails and our monitoring every 2 hours in order to catch situation that may become harder to fix later, do a bit more hours, for free.

Small background on me, should have a few digit less, just didn't register in the early days. Linux admin since 11y. So, yes, i didn't liked that token thing.

Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 1) 565

Just this morning is spent a few hours to hunt some issue that i should have found wayyy faster because it s not the first way i hunt for it.

So if you could please give me a way to set via a gui the administrator token filter so that i can script deployment, firewall setting and stuff; on workstations not joined to the the domain (install ocs inventory, setup backup account and zabbix agent mainly),with me already having a perfectly legitimate admin level account on the workstation.
For security, changing UAC or firewall setting aren't acceptable answers.
Using regedit isn't either, (else gedit possibly via x forwading coud be considered an acceptable answer for editing advanced settings under linux).

Even if there's a GPO setting (can't be bothered to check), my point is, that for advanced/uncommon operation, there are advanced/uncommon ways to do them. That s true for anything, would it be cooking or car maintenance. Considering the ridiculous amount of registry keys, saying that there's a gui for everything on windows just doesn't seems right.

I never used "penguin tax 1.0", so i never encountered such an issue. When i have such an issue i usually hit the intewebs, irc or the mailling lists. It usually get me happy because i am speaking with peoples with the same interests than me, pay nothing and have fun conversations.

I don't play golf, so i am unsure to understand why you'd need a gps to put a ball in a hole.
I use google map or waze on my cellphone as gps app. Except that i find tomtom outrageously overpriced (it s like 100% overpriced considering that i already have a cellphone for that), i dont know why i would buy something which doesn t works with my apps.
I use picassa, gimp or lightroom. Using the vendor app would be like using the AOL cd to me, do you really need that to edit photos?

I use linux as my desktop since 14 years, so pardon me but i just don t understand all your issues. I run a few windows games in wine, but i am getting too old for gaming so that's becoming a non issue as well.

This, that, and as i often see it with windows users, did you paid all you licences?

Comment i thought phoronix knew better (Score 1) 699

Since a "few years", on "most distros", you need to pass --no-preserve-root to rm rf slash to actually do something.

Just out off office; too tired to look up exactly :
But a "few years" is about 3-5 years
"Most distros" means maybe >90% of the linux userbase
Some other unices got that new default, but as other unices are often older systems, i wouldn t bet on the userbase percentage

Comment This is soo 2005 (Score 1) 172

This is soo 2005, Because i think this kind of stuff was posted years ago on /. and because since years we have this in france

On the downside my box has some built in vlans with qos to allow for iptv (reserved to me) and public wifi access for everyone with the same isp (captive portal with a pass given by the isp).
I could actually check the source code or the commercial documentations but i am 99.99% sure that not a single packet from the public wifi could pass if i am sucking all the bandwith for my personal use

On the upside i pay 30€ for triple play (my isp name is "free"),I just checked i am at 18/1 MB/s down/up
Some of the interesting stuff i get is free usenet, a box that can record tv, a hard drive, dect central phone conf, wifi access point, Gb switch, an android like box for tv with games, a joystick.
Load of tv channels (150-300? i watch about 20), some channels in hd.
Free phone calls to i don t know how many countries ( i d say all the "develloped" ones ) and super cheap calls to about half the world.
It's also shipped with power line communication adapter, has a local 3g repeater so i have perfect cellphone reception at home.

Maybe there are other advantages that i couldn t think about, that would interest peoples.
I believe most french isp in france have this kind of offer; +/- some advantages, and i think/hope this kind of offer will become the standard in US.

Comment Not sure i/we understand the question correctly (Score 1) 481

To define a cycle :
This would be a program with 3 different cycles:

(rough clean) Fill a quarter of tank, Spin left 50rpm, spin right 50rpm, empty tank
(clean) Fill a eighth of tank Spin left 50rpm, spin right 50rpm, Spin left 100rpm, spin right 100rpm, empty tank
(rince) Spin left 200rpm, spin right 200rpm, empty tank, Spin left 200rpm, spin right 200rpm, empty tank

Maybe he wants more programs?

Comment FPV racing club at Argonay (Score 1) 98

Imho much more interesting fpv races
They are in a closed part of the forest and there are landmarks to not get lost
Everyone races at the same time and drones have leds on the back to see each others (starwars effect)

Theses ones show an actual race:

In french : it show some background info and preparations, in 3/4th of the video you can see what the actual fpv look for the pilot (not the recorded hd video)

Comment Re:Let this be a lesson to the rest of you (Score 1) 422

You also have to put into equation that the mean salary for a permanent position in IT in france is half what it is in CA.
They could also have hired independent workers in france, being subject to roughly the same set of law than in CA, and pay the roughly the same salary than it CA

Comment Re:The numbers just don't add up. (Score 1) 422

1) Some very rough explanations on the so called lifetime contract in france:

Employers can go to an american like system, with an american like salary, but they usually chose to promise a stable work that the employee will accept for a lower wage. If they fail to provide the promised stability, they have to pay compensation, that sounds fair to me, they had choice.
Clearly hiring a person with the wrong type of contract is misleading employees and peoples go to court for this.
Because maybe i ll sell my house, leave my friends and move my familly for a permanent position. But for a temporary job i'd use the extra money to rent an hotel room.
If you happen to have hired everyone under a permanent contract and you liquidate your company as to not pay the notice time to anyone, you'll get sued.

Contractor agency and independent workers :
Pay a premium price for at will employment (often twice as much, but in reality any price is acceptable, so it s about the same that the US system)

Temporary positions :
There's a number of different contracts to do it, but in the end, _by_the_law_ you have to pay a 20-30% bonus.
Usually you'll get month by month, or 3 month by 3 months contracts for up to 18 months
Only advantage the employe will get is a reduced price for midday canteen
You basically give the 20-30% bonus because the employee can not have a life, get a credit for a house, and will have a number of unemployment periods during which he'll need to live throught.
I think the warning has to be given up to 1 week before.

Permanent position :
The employee expect a lower wage but a "very long" position, 2-10 years would seems a right number by today economics
Being able to buy a house and maybe some advantages like cheaper canteen, a parking slots, subvention for holidays and whatever.
In the first 1-6 months you can fire your employee anytime without any reason (try it time). The warning has to be given 24h to 7days in advance.
After that if you want to fire someone, you have to notice him for as long as the "try it time" was (but i think it's maxed to 3 months ). And pay him 1/3 (before 10years)-1/2(after 10years ) of a month of salary per year he worked.

The notice time doesn't have to be done in the company but has to be paid.

2) Some very rough explanations on the french court system

When you go to court (prud hommes) with an employer, the tribunal will be made of half employees and half bosses from other companies. So clearly if he did nothing bad he had his chances there and could even have made an appeal and go to a higher court anyway.

The express judgement, express payment thing he was apparently subject to a "réferé". Is something different and can be used before the "prud hommes", because prud hommes is a one year process. With it, IF the judge accept the procedure, because he considers the issue to be a super simple case (you break a car in front of the police office and a camera recorded you), you'll get a temporary decision in 24h/1month. It is fast, it may allow you to keep your salary or avoid any evidence to be destroyed .Temporary, because anyone can always go to the prud'homme and open the case there (can't be rejected like an appeal).

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