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Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 277

There was a nice comment by the writers of "Silicon Valley" about attending TechCrunch Disrupt and seeing a sea of Macbooks. The *perception* is that the majority of top startup developers are all Mac OSX users. Microsoft wants to change that. To Surface Books if possible, but wouldn't give a rats if they were running ThinkPads, Dells, HPs or whatever running Windows OS. If Microsoft can get some of that that TechCrunch Disrupt audience to shift across, they change the perception of Microsoft in a very important demographic. Maybe they get a few more of that audience using Azure over AWS. Maybe a few of them start using other Microsoft services where it makes sense, rather than the default perceived attitude of that audience being to avoid MS products like the plague.

Comment Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to OSX (Score 5, Interesting) 277

Computers running OSX have substantial developer mindshare. Microsoft wants those developers using Windows PCs. Putting WSL/Bash on Windows so that it's a credible alternative to the 'nix tools available on OSX gives those developers one less reason to avoid using a Windows based OS.

Comment it isn't the super-performers piracy killed (Score 1) 142

The films that cost a lot less to make, but eventually paid back their investors on the profits of small screening runs, video cassettes and DVDs are a dying, if not dead breed. The future is barnstorming blockbusters that make their budget back in the first week or so. The "long tail" was just a bullshit hypothesis that didn't pan out.

Comment Shoe on other foot (Score 5, Insightful) 531

It's interesting that on Slashdot, when it's anyone else's non-IT job getting outsourced or automated, there is a lot of chortling and discussion of buggy whip manufacturers and how non-IT workers should just suck it up. There was a story about automated truck drivers in the last month that was full of comments denigrating these workers and that it was good for society that their job would soon be done by a robot. When it's an IT job getting outsourced, "IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!!!" Doesn't take much insight to realize why this issue will never get political traction. Who wants to stick up for the IT people when the IT people just offered snark for everyone else that was automated/outsourced before them?

Comment Re:Microsoft talking smack business as usual (Score 2, Interesting) 421

Windows administrators are cheaper because Microsoft pursued a strategy of ensuring that there was a training infrastructure for their products. There is a whole ecosystem of books, online material and courses created by Microsoft to facilitate people learning their product. No such infrastructure exists for open source products. It may not even be possible to create such an infrastructure.

Comment This will kill organizational adoption of (Score 1) 589

A lot of people commenting on this thread have pointed out that the future of is looking quite murky and the future is Libre Office.

This may not be a great thing. Organizations like certainty - and if quickly goes down for the count it doesn't mean that big organizations are likely to adopt the replacement suite.

Think of the following situation. You've recently convinced your organization to switch from MS Office to Now you've got to tell them that you actually have to switch to a new product called Libre Office which sorta kinda did and kinda didn't exist a couple of months ago. The question will come up: "What's wrong with that Open Office program you wanted us all to switch to?"

Good luck coming up with an answer that is going to make sense to a suit who is not well versed in the byzantine going ons in the FOSS community.

Comment Re:All you haters ... (Score 1) 409

Why, so instead of coming up with something original, we are subjected to endless new Star Wars films? If someone would be creative enough to come up with an awesome retelling of Star Wars, they are creative enough to come up with their own awesome and unique story. Shorten copyright terms and studios will engage in more "going back to the same well" behavior with popular stuff because, hey, it made money before so lets do it again.

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