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Comment Re:yup (Score 1) 356

Did you know that SNAP could be funded almost 100% if the federal government got rid of the home mortgage interest deduction? So who's to say that the "chunk" (which is about $20 per month per person) of your paycheck isn't actually going into the pockets of rich schmucks like me who own a nice house? It amounts to the same thing. The funniest part of it is that my in-laws are my lenders, so the interest is just money that I'm going to get back when they kick the bucket. Thank you for supporting this ludicrous deduction! :)

Comment would rather not (Score 1) 52

I prefer not to unlock my phone. I find it frustrating to have to spend so much time to make a phone call, compared to what I used to be able to do on my flip phone without even looking. I don't use it for anything financial, so it's not like somebody can clean out my bank account. I guess having access to my email would have negative ramifications, since that's how most places reset accounts. Since I use it to check my work email, their server told my phone it had to have a lock screen, and it required at least a PIN for unlocking. I found that rather astonishing. I'm also surprised there's no setting on the phone to say "fake out the server and tell it you have a lock screen." I'm sure if I bothered rooting my phone I could do it, but that seems like such a PITA for something that's only going to last a few years.

Comment Re:I'll document it tomorrow (Score 1) 535

The crappier my code, the more I document it. I have been through some of my old code, and right where I was thinking "WTF dude?!" I see a comment along the lines of "you put this in here because there was a bug in somebody else's component, and this was the only work around. Do not try to 'fix' it!" Or my personal favorite: "PFM: Do not touch!"

Comment Re:Industrial accident (Score 4, Interesting) 407

I think calling it a "war" is disingenuous. Name a single regulation that was not based on a real public need. The only one I can think of was the whole anti-pipeline thing (KXL and Dakota Access), which was just straight-up ignorant. I wouldn't call that a war on businesses, though. In fact, my company made money off of TransCanada due to that debacle.

Compare that to what we have now, though. The president can cause stock prices to drop 5% or more with a single vindictive, vapid tweet. Obama's administration could lay out a damning white paper with detailed explanations of why mining tailings were bad for drinking water supplies, and nobody gave a shit because they knew the Republicans in congress would never actually do anything about it. God forbid we have an EPA or OSHA that actually, you know, defends we the people.

I'm pretty pro-Tenth, but honestly how are you going to handle river pollution at the state level? Is Louisiana really going to tell Texas to keep their cadmium on their half of the Sabine? Air pollution: can Arizona tell California to get its cars off the road when the wind is blowing? What about global warming? Anything requiring an international treaty is by definition a federal issue.

I'm tired of people claiming that all regulations are anti-business, and that all businesses just want to screw people for a buck. There's a real benefit to the American people when a smoothly functioning federal government does it's job. Also, there are real financial incentives when businesses act ethically. Unfortunately we haven't seen either in so long, most people have forgotten what it looks like.

Comment Re: And so it begins... (Score 2) 407

Even with proper verification, you can still get killed. To take the analogy a step further, there have been linemen killed when (after they check with their hotsticks) some idiot customer a mile away kicks on his emergency generator without disconnecting his 52. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does happen, people die.

Comment Re:And so it begins... (Score 2) 407

Except the complaint says that the robot that killed her was from a different section of the line. I know that if it were me, I'd turn off everything that could even theoretically kill me, but robotics technicians are accustomed to making certain assumptions about range of motion and how the light curtains or safety doors work. The way LOTO is supposed to work: 1) tell people in the area you're about to LOTO, 2) disconnect *all* energy sources and bleed stored energy, 3) install lock(s), 4) attempt to make $POTENTIAL_THING_THAT_CAN_KILL_ME move or function in any way, 5) proceed with your maintenance task. The key here is that it's not always 100% obvious what #4 includes. For instance if a robot is ten feet away, you may not realize that it has a 12-foot reach, and some idiot programmed it to ignore the light curtain in your area. If that's the case, the groundwork for her demise was laid before the robots were ever installed in the plant. I think that is the gist of the lawsuit.

Comment Re:Weakening of schools (Score 1) 632

I actually hired an OIT grad for a mechanical engineering position. The fact that their program is very hands on is what makes the difference. You can hire grads of some engineering programs that haven't actually designed or built anything outside of the lab. This guy knows how to chase parts, take chances, change direction, a lot of things they don't teach in most schools. If you ever see an OIT resume cross your desk, give it a second look.

Comment reformat the hard drive (Score 1) 190

I still have the McDonalds Menu Song memorized from back in the 80s. I know my phone number from first grade, but not from college. I can remember the Quadratic Equation but not my kid's teacher's name. Why do some things stick around for decades, but others you can't remember a week (or less) later? Do people who play these memory games have a method for wiping the slate clean? I'd hate to accidentally remember the location of the 6 of clubs a year later.

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