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Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 326

Of course they will also goof off at times, take personal days, or sneak out early to run a personal errand... You get points for showing up early and leaving late

Interesting. When I need to run an errand, I tell my boss, "hey, I gotta leave at 3 to get my ferret neutered." And he says, "OK." As long as I have all my work done, nobody gives a shit. On the other hand... I left pretty late one day, but I had forgotten to do something I said I would do. Do you think my boss cared that I was working late? Nope. He cared that I didn't get that report to Jenkins in time for his meeting in the morning. (Actually I texted Jenkins around 7:30 that night, and he said it was cool, but whatever, bossman wanted results). If neither of us are busy he might drop by my office to see if I have seen $latest_viral_video$. He might even invite one of my hourly guys to come watch, too. At the end of the day, team-building really does matter. I have a loyal team.

Comment Re:success (Score 1) 326

One of the solutions is to encourage numeracy. Americans in particular seem to have a hard time understanding ratios, probabilities, even stuff as simple as orders of magnitude. You have politicians in a tizzy about a $400,000 budget item, while Exxon takes a $2 billion tax break [citation needed]. Explaining things like statistics, and how useless a p-value is will get you nothing but blank stares.

I talk to my kids about numbers all the time. When my wife tells them how dangerous it is to play outside by themselves, I show them the NHTSA and FBI stats saying that they are far more likely to die in a car crash than get kidnapped. But they're not scared of getting in the car. Why not? I tell them they are more likely to be harmed by sitting on their butts playing on their iPad than by going out and getting some exercise. Of course, then one of them goes and falls on a rock and gets a concussion. Fukken kids.

Comment Re:This is such a non-story.... (Score 1) 566

There's two other reasons managers don't fire people. Sometimes they keep hoping to take somebody with a lot of potential, and turn them into the ideal employee. I've had an issue with one of my guys. Rarely does all of his work, always blames other people, but I know he can be a top-notch guy because he has a lot of knowledge, and occasional glimmers of give-a-damn. Sometimes you just don't want to throw in the towel.

The other reason we don't fire people at my company is because they made it a pain in the ass to hire new people.

Comment Re:The issues in a nutshell (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Are you implying that police brutality is not a crime?

Also, Trump wants a wall. I'm not sure that counts as a strong border control. It would probably end up diverting tens of billions of dollars from actually fixing the immigration system.

You conveniently left off some of the other differences. Trump has these positions that are different from Hillary: Muslims should not be allowed in this country. We should punish women who get abortions. We should not have universal background checks for gun purchases. Climate change is a Chinese hoax. Libel laws should be broadened. And you should be able to punch somebody at one of his rallies if they heckle him. Until a couple of weeks ago, he also claimed Obama was not really born in America (not that it really should have affected his legitimacy as president).

Many of these positions are antithetical to traditional American values, like religious freedom and free speech. Others are not in keeping with some traditional voter blocs. Over 70% of NRA members support plugging the private sale loophole. A vast majority of pro-lifers do not see punishing women as a viable solution.

Face it, the guy's a loose cannon. His foreign policy proposals have been all over the place, and his domestic policies will end up increasing the national debt far more than Hillary's. That's from a right-leaning think tank, btw.

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