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Submission + - Neighbourhood Cable Co. ? 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the US deadline for transition to over the air digital TV and Canada not far behind, everyone is buying antennas and amplifiers to receive the best signal possible. Being that I live in a house and have a 50ft tower for ham radio, I had an idea. Since I have no problem receiving distant stations but none of my neighbours have such a beast, why can't we some how share what channels I receive? Running coax isn't an option and kinda defeats another goal of being open to everyone. Privacy is also of utmost importance so slingboxes probably wouldn't work too well for this.

I have a few ideas about how it can be done and one I'm leaning toward is sharing over a mesh type network (ala wifi) via multicast to anyone who can hear. Obviously that presents some issues of its own. Ideal would be something small and embedded I could mount on the tower or a single box with multiple dual tuner cards in it.

Having two tier service by running cat5 or fiber is possible (their cost to run the cable) as well but there should still be an open way to watch over wifi. I'm not looking to make a profit off it though.

So what are some other possibilities to consider? Has anyone else tried this? In trailer parks or apartment buildings for example?

Submission + - Photoshop CS4 to only run 64-bit for Vista

Kwirl writes: "Adobe is readying a new version of its Creative Suite, the software bundle that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other applications for print and Web design. Only this time there's a twist: The new version of Photoshop will support 64-bit memory addressing for the first time — but only if you're running Windows.

Simply put, more bits means you can access more memory, which means you can work with bigger files. By taking advantage of 64-bit CPUs, Adobe is making it possible for designers and photo manipulators to work with really, really big images at high resolutions. Think posters, advertising displays, or even billboards.

So why not on Macs? As it turns out, Photoshop for Mac OS is written using older APIs that don't allow access to all the latest Mac OS X features. To bring the software up to speed will require a total rewrite, a time-consuming process that could leave Mac users in the cold for some time.

Submitter's note, it seems that the article mentioned is somewhat antagonistic, here is a somewhat more placifying story"

Feed Science Daily: Mysterious Link Between Summer Birthdates And Nearsightedness (

Does season of birth play a role in the development of nearsightedness? While scientists think genetic factors play the strongest role in myopia, a number of studies show that light exposure before and just after birth generates biological signals that influence the development of the eye's ability to focus and refract light properly.

Data Storage

Submission + - Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Toshiba Hard Drive Merger

pcsourcepoint writes: "There seems to be a whisper of 3 major hard drive companies, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Toshiba to merge their data storage and hard drive systems. It seems as a measure to prevent a private buyout of one of the companies. Even a former hard drive executive says something has to happen. Having their combined technology might have advantages to the consumer, including price reduction, and enhanced technological features for increased performance of future computers..."

Feed Science Daily: Down To Earth Remedies For Chimps: Eat Mud (

The deliberate ingestion of soil, or "geophagy," has important health benefits for chimpanzees, according to scientists. Far from being a dysfunctional behavior, geophagy has evolved as a practice for maintaining health amongst chimpanzees. In this particular study, geophagy is shown to increase the potency of ingested plants with anti-malarial properties.

Feed Science Daily: Trichloroethylene (TCE) Is A Risk Factor For Parkinsonism, Study Shows (

A new study found strong evidence that trichloroethylene is a risk factor for parkinsonism, a group of nervous disorders with symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. TCE is a chemical widely used in industry that is also found in drinking water, surface water and soil due to runoff from manufacturing sites where it is used.

Feed Science Daily: Healthy Smile May Promote A Healthy Heart (

Each year, cardiovascular disease kills more Americans than cancer. And while most people are aware that lifestyle choices such as eating right, getting enough exercise and quitting smoking can help prevent cardiovascular disease, they may not know that by just brushing and flossing their teeth each day, they might also be avoiding this potentially lethal condition.
Data Storage

Submission + - USB 3 optical connection in 2008-10 times as fast

psychicsword writes:
"Intel and others plan to release a new version of the ubiquitous Universal Serial Bus technology in the first half of 2008, a revamp the chipmaker said will make data transfer rates more than 10 times as fast by adding fiber-optic links alongside the traditional copper wires."
"The current USB 2.0 version has a top data-transfer rate of 480 megabits per second, so a tenfold increase would be 4.8 gigabits per second."
This should make USB hard drives easier and faster to use. The article can be seen here

Submission + - Hackers Hold Users' Files Hostage 1

Hypercoyote writes: Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly in the U.S., have been exposed to the risk of file ransom after the Web site of the world's largest online recruiter was hacked. Personal details stored on, a Web site that lists job seekers and job opportunities, were taken after a raid by hackers who posed as employers to gain access to the site. Read more about it here

Feed Techdirt: Telemarketers Finding Loopholes In The Do Not Call List (

Back when the federal "do not call" list law passed in 2003 there was some fear that there were enough loopholes in the law that telemarketers would quickly sneak their way through. Surprisingly, it appears that many didn't immediately do so. However, in the last few years, it seems that a new crop of companies are filling in that space, exploiting loopholes to start calling people again, even if they're on the DNC list. The big loophole, of course, is the "previous business relationship" loophole. Apparently, it's now big business for companies to set up various contests and sweepstakes whose sole purpose is to get you to sign away your DNC protection from the company and its "dozen or so marketing affiliates." These companies set up shops in malls and shopping center and try to entice people to sign up for their contests. The fact that it's all a scam to get you on their "call away!" lists is hidden way down in the fine print that most people never bother to read. Another scammy move is to pretend that the calls are really surveys, when they're really designed to sell you something. Of course, now that these firms are starting to get away with it, expect bigger, more well known companies to start doing similar things as well. The depressing thing about all of this is that these companies should recognize that the people who are on the Do Not Call list are more likely than not to be pissed off, rather than prospective customers. You would think that telemarketers would be happy to know who doesn't want to hear from them, so they can focus on those who are more receptive to calls.
Linux Business

Submission + - Taking a Look at Virgin America's Use of Linux ( 1

Daveman692 writes: Artur Bergman for O'Reilly Radar writes while visiting a brand new Virgin America plane in San Francisco, "I had erroneously believed that use of Open Source as a competitive advantage was no longer possible. I thought that the agility and cost benefits had spread across all industries in the same way it has taken over Wall Street. It was surprising to me to hear that Open Source technologies and a modern service-oriented architecture drastically lowers costs for Virgin and increases the speed of innovation. There is no surprise when you hear that most of the IT staff don't come from an airline background, but are Silicon Valley engineers. I wonder what other industries are ripe for an technological infusion to shake them up?"

Submission + - Blast at Virgin Galactic desert spaceport kills 2 (

yourdog writes: An explosion killed two people Thursday at the airport HQ of a company building the first private manned rocket for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's space tourism venture. Aerial video showed a wrecked flatbed trailer with a large silver tank next to it, and large pieces of debris appeared to be strewn for hundreds of yards.

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